The cool mom.

I was pretty sure she hated me.
Or maybe it was just disapproval.
I could
feel it.
I could see it in her eyes.
He assured me I was wrong, but...
I knew.

I was a nice girl.
I was a good girl.

Then it happened again.
This one didn't like me either.
I just could not understand it.
I remained polite.
But I kept my distance.

And now?
It's unbelievable...

I disapprove.
My tone of voice is friendly but...with an edge.
The poor girl probably thinks I don't like her.
Ah, it is her turn now.

I'm sorry.

I always thought I'd be the cool mom.

You just don't know how you are going to react until it happens.

A girl likes my son.
She likes him a lot.
She calls him every day, at L
EAST once.
She sends him letters in the mail and signs them with too much love.
He is 13.
I know this stuff happens.
I remember it all...I GET IT.
But do I have to like it?

And now I finally am on the other end.
I am the one with disapprova
l in her eyes.

I believe it comes down to this...


What am I going to do when he is 16, and it is the REAL THING?
Heaven help me.


Melanie Cain said...

Good luck Shelli. Girls are pretty crazy these days. He is a good boy and has good parents, just make sure and keep an open relationship so he can feel like he can talk to you. If he is scared to talk to you guys that is when things get hairy.

Elece said...

oh....I am so getting you! I can't imagine and I want to hear all about it step by step so I know the whats and what nots. You are such a good Mommy!!!!!

Toni C. said...

I'm sure that 13 and even 16 are nothing compared to when it happens at 21 and he wants to marry her! Oh, and what happens when it's one of your girls? Poor Trevor will have a heart attack. Good luck!

...................................Kim.......................................... said...

I remember the disapproval too. I could sense it and see it in his mom and dad's eyes. Didn't understand why, I WAS nice. But I was a silly silly girl. Didn't understand attraction like they did.
I talked to Devon right after he turned 8, and continue to every time I cut his hair or he has a birthday. We talk about how much he's going to like girls. He thinks I'm crazy, of coarse... and he's most definitely embarrassed. The things I understood about boys I learned from movies and Soaps, not heart warming talks with my parents. I can only hope that talking and teaching will help him when the phone calls and letters start coming our way. Its your turn right now. Take notes. I'll want to call you in three years. So sorry. Good luck.

Malerie said...

I really cringe when I hear my sisters and you guys talk about your kids and these issues. This is when I'm glad I have a toddler right now. Will you write everything down so when my kids are teenagers I can just get the answers from you pros? ;)

Leslie said...

After raising 2 boys I get it. Girls are SO forward these days. It seems to be the norm. It drove nuts, and came between my relation ship with my son at one point. So I decided to look for the good in the situation and the only thing I could come up with was....at least my sons not gay!

donna said...

I feel your pain! I am also dealing with the same thing!
What a sweet picture.

jharmon said...

I am right there with you girl! It is so hard for me with Conner, I was reading his yearbook and all the girls are leaving their numbers and saying they miss him already.... I about died! I agree that the worst part is that Conner likes them back! I wish he were 7 again!

Steph said...

You don't have a basement cellar? LOL

Sants said...

Truly, Shelli, truly, I get it!


I get it.

I thought I would be the cool mom, too. Then I had girls calling from age 11 and still to this day.

"Flowers don't chase bees".

(Best said in a Jeff Foxworthy voice)

Good luck. I recommend drawing them in. Talk to them. (Through gritted teeth, but you're a mom, you can act!) Become BFFs. Makes them lose their appeal if you like them, too. At least that worked on a couple of girls.

Krista said...

Oh, heaven help us all.

Tami said...

If only your son wasn't such a cutie. I am freaked out for that stage. I am dreading it already. Good luck! You are an awesome and cool mom.

Anonymous said...

Come on Shell, you know how to fix this. Just have big Sis answer the phone and tell the girl to stop calling so much. I guarantee she'll be too embarrassed to call again. Worked for me (wink wink).