Wimbledon Wow!

Who do I want to win Wimbledon you may ask?
I know you have just been dying to know.

Okay, here are my picks for Wimbledon 2009.

#1 pick.
Oh Roger Federer.
Amazingly graceful on the court. Good feet and touch.
Love the way he moves.
Love his whole game.
Love HIM.
I know I am not alone when I say this...simply, he is my favorite player.

#2 pick.
I would LOVE to see Andy Roddick make it to the final.
I enjoy watching this guy play so much.
Big serve, spunky attitude, and loving the wrist flick on his backhands.

#3 pick.
Okay, I do love Andy Murray also.
His game is interesting.
A little bit of everything, and I love that he does not
win off of sheer power.
He has amazing touch, and plays smart tennis.

#4 pick.
At first I did not care much for Novak Djokovic.
But I can't ignore his game.
Powerful hitter, good control, strong all around.
His game is SOLID.
I like that he smiles a lot and seems to enjoy himself on the court.
I just thank the heavens he is not wearing those big blue shoes at Wimbledon.
Please tell me they are in the trashcan, Novak.
Oh Please.

#5 pick.
Okay, I'll be honest. I have not watched Tommy Haas play before this Wimbledon.
BUT - I had heard of him.
He is the oldest guy out there - 31 - and I love rootin for a fellow oldie.
He has put on a GREAT game, and I love surprises.
Keep going Tommy!

#6 pick.
I also like rooting for the underdog. Leyton Hewitt.
Wow, I've been impressed with his comeback.
I don't think anyone expected him to go this far.
It's been fun watching him win his matches.

And the ladies?
I'm only rooting for 3.

#1 & 2 picks.
Venus and Serena Williams.
Either one.
They both play AMAZING tennis with power and smarts.
If you have never watched tennis I would highly recommend watching these 2.

#3 pick.
Victoria Azaranka has not been on the scene for very long.
But WOW! She has GREAT game. Powerful and precise.
If you can get through her loud bird like exhale with EVERY shot,
she is definitely one to watch.

There you have it.
You can all breathe a sigh of relief now that you know.

My Wimbledon faves


Elece said...

Shelli....you can't pick so many you have to pick one, lay all the cards on the table, walk away, cross your fingers, hold your breath and..... just wait. Okay, so my picks are Murray for the men and Safina for the girls. I only want Murray to win because please...if he makes it to the finals the Queen said she would come watch. I only want Safina to win because she is ranked number one yet has never won a major. I pick different players depending on the tournament etc. Geeeesh, I had a lot to say. Oh, and I miss seeing you!!!!

Shelli said...

Okay, Elece, if I only have to pick one it would be Roger. Wait, or Andy. Or Andy. Hmmm. And I am not wanting Safina to win for the same reason you want her to win. ha ha. She has not proven herself, and she is so up and down. I miss you too, hopefully another week or so to heal...crossing my fingers!

Krista said...

Wow, so now I know, but I also thought it was funny you had so many picks. I don't remember Brandon ever picking more than one favorite to win the Superbowl, hahaha. Wimbledon looks like a very good-looking place to be, though! Good luck with your picks! I am sure one of them will take it!

Theresa Halverson said...

I think it's great that you picked the REAL #1 and #2 for both men and women of your favorites, too! I like Roddick because he's HOT! It's all about looks on the court -- never mind the game! ha ha

Karen said...

Federer's cute....but I'm more of a Rafael Nadar gal myself. He's sooooo hot.