Hot Fudge & Nail Polish

I don't have cute feet.
Since I was little I have complained about my toe length.
Or should I say LACK of toe length.
And my 2nd toe is way taller than my big toe...what's with that?
And my feet are wide.
So, all in all my feet are BLOCKS.
What's more, I have blisters and my little toenail is deformed from sports.
To this day my little brother teases me about my "slug" toes.

But when I was a teenager, my wise momma said...
"Who gave you those feet?
Do you think you could sprint as well with different feet?
Do you think you could flip (gymnastics) as well with different feet?
Do you think you could run down a tennis ball as well with different feet?"
And as wise moms often do, she said...
"You should be thankful you even HAVE feet!"

This week started out stinky.
And it just got worse.
And yesterday I had a headache because of stress.
At one point, I happened to look down at my feet.
My tired, torn up, gnarly feet.
I felt like crying.

What strange words, but they SHOUTED in my head.

Get ready for this confession, cause it may just knock your socks off!
(no pun intended)
I have NEVER in my life had a pedicure.
Why spend money on not pretty feet?

Those words echoed in my mind over and over again.

SOOOOO....guess what I did today?


Yep, those are my feet.
I am proud to have feet.
Blocky, blistery, bright, cheery orange-toed feet!

I can't stop smiling.
I feel better.
Oh, and on the way home I treated myself to one of these...

Hot fudge is good.
And it tastes even better when you have orange toes.
Oh I kid you not.
It really truly does.


Melanie Cain said...

I THINK THIS MADE MY DAY..... Never had a pedicure what? Wait till I move my office to the new place and we have HOT STONE PEDICURES. Getting your feet done makes your whole body feel different.

Aunt Pat said...

YEAH for pedicures! I just had one yesterday for the start of the school year, so that the students (when they're staring me up and down) will look at my stunningly beautiful toes. Students can really look you over. I figure if my toes are dazzling, then they won't look at my hair. I hope you had a good foot massage. The gal who worked on me yesterday massaged my feet and calves for at least 10 minutes. It was heaven. AND the chair I sat in massaged my back the whole time.

Mara said...

This is great, Shelli! I'm glad you got a pedicure for your pretty toes. I hope that and the ice cream made life better for you :)

Sants said...

You have learned a life lesson my friend (and non too early in life!) EVERYTHING is better after a pedi!

I LOVE the orange!

donna said...

I am so glad you got your first Pedicure. Your feet are way cute! Love the color. :)

Toni C. said...

I am so happy that you finally went to get a pedicure! Watch out - you will be completely spoiled now and insist on having them often. I broke down yesterday and got a pedicure too. My paint color is called something like Rooty Tooty Beer. I now have root beer toes and love them! Heck, just the name makes me happy!

Jessica said...

First of all, your mom is wonderful and wise! Second, a confession: I haven't had a pedicure either. I think I'm going for my birthday (an order from my mom). I think your feet are amazingly cute!

Krista said...

Shell, I've only had one! Deb and Bec dragged me. But it was heaven! I would go again, if I ever stopped to think about it!
BTW, where did you find your cute background? Love it!

Jen said...

Cute feet! Love what your mom taught you about your feet. We need to teach our children to love all parts of their amazing bodies! Fun post:)

Steph said...

You know what's funny? I hadn't started getting pedicures until two years ago...but about a week ago I had gone 3 months with out one (life gets busy, right?), my paint was all chipped and narly and Jacob saw my feet and literally stepped backwards as if the funk was contagious and blurted, "WHAT'S WRONG WITH YOUR FEET?" Well, need I tell you that I got a pedicure the very next day? Cause you know if an 8 year old boy is grossed out by your feet, it's probably time to take care of things. HA! The thought of it still makes me LOL.

Blasé said...

My wife says my feet are pretty like a woman's should be! what's up with that!?!

Elece said...

Of course you got the bright orange! I love that. By the way I thnk you have cute, happy, tennis feet! Lots of smiles!

deannegalloway said...

I'm lucky to have a mother-in-law who loves to get pedicures so when she comes to visit I get to have one. It is a wonderful feeling. oh, and I love the orange!

jharmon said...

Sorry to hear that you were having a bad week! I love getting my toes done right before a race, I think it makes me run faster! Hee Hee! Your feet look fantastic! Glad that it brightened your day!
Love Ya

Karen said...

I loved your post so much that I tried to call you and talk to you. However, I have a new cell phone and don't have your number in my phone anymore. I'm sure I have it in my address book but that's in my planner at work...so I looked you up on Dexknows.com and guess what? Dex didn't know. So I shall leave you a comment...and the comment is this...I adore you! I remember your feet and they have character...and the longer 2nd toe means that you're stubborn. (which I know you can me when necessary) Love the pedicure...love the hot fudge and love you Miss Shelli!
p.s. My new niece is Katie's baby. Can you believe it? Katie's all done growed up and having chilluns of her own now.

Leslie said...

Reading that made me want to get a pedi and then have a blondie....think it would taste better too? I'll let you know!

Gramma Spice said...

Love your feet, cutie! Love you! Can we go together for a pedicure some time? I'm almost 63 and it sounds like I'm long overdue.

Gramma Spice said...

I forgot to mention that except for the upturned big toe, your feet are just like your grampa "G"'s feet...so when I look at my feet, I smile and always think of dad...gone but never forgotten. Think he'd get a real kick out of those orange toenails!