Before autumn...

Sharing with you some of our last days of summer 2009.

Trev & I on the boat at Banks Lake.
We had a great time camping and boating with friends and family.

Tennis team in Portland (some of us).
This shot is of us at the hotel the night BEFORE we lost. See those smiles? They weren't so big the next day...

My big Kindergartner. Oh my how time flies.
Yup, she's my "baby".

One of the "lunch ladies".
That's me serving up a corn dog on the first day of school.

So my awesome friend Janelle has a tradition.
First day of school she dresses like a lunch lady
and serves her family a "school lunch" for dinner.
We were invited and we all had a fantastic time.
Janelle even had a costume for me...that girl is always thinking of others.

4-wheeling at the dunes.
We had a blast as always, and even the
littlest was old enough this year to have her own.
She was tearing it up out there on the sand.

Often times we ATV with a group of friends.
One of my favorite things is when we go on a "girl ride"
Meet Kim, Cherie, Tammi, Cheryl, Joanna & me.
(and a few daughters thrown in...Preslie, Courtnee & Jessie too).

My littlest high-fiving me after coming down the hill!

Three very dirty faces.
After a full day of riding, we stopped for ice cream at the Mercantile.

I think this picture speaks for itself.
She eventually spent more time on her feet
and less time on her tush.

Goodbye fair weather days!
We will miss you.


donna said...

your family always have so much fun! :)

Rach said...

dang....wanna adopt me? You guys have FUN

chelsea lynne said...

I love the look on Gracie's face in that last pic. Priceless.

Elece said...

I love this post! The lunch ladies are fabulous. The four wheeling looks like so much fun. You had a wonderful summer!!!!!

Gramma Spice said...

I want to be 30 again and jump on one of those ATVs!!! Love that Janelle. What a fun girl she is. You have some great friends, sweetie.

Steph said...

Great pics. Let the homework begin! :o)

Sants said...

Wow! You have had so much fun! I laughed out loud at the lunch lady dinner! We just might adopt that as a tradition in our house next year!

Karen said...

Ok... I want to know who's gonna come over her and clean up after me. I "soiled my armor" looking at you in the ridiculous wig serving up corn dogs! Funny stuff!