Giddy Girl

I had one of those giddy moments yesterday.
Do you have those?
Where you find yourself in a happy place and things seem so right and beautiful.
And you get the giddies?
I love that.
It was a compeletely BUSY day and I was hardly home
with errands to take care of all over the place.
I looked around me as I drove and noticed all the new fall foliage.

I rolled the windows down and enjoyed the crisp air.
Right on cue this song played on my CD player...."Tis Autumn" by Nat King Cole.
Love autumn.
Love Nat.
Even love the blooming sagebrush...what?
It is yellow - a cheerful fall color.
It was easy to forget my busyness as I took it all in.
Why do I love this time of year?
Why does the chill in the air and the turn of the leaves make my heart swell?
Why does a moment like this make me want to pick up my cell phone
and call everyone I love so they can share in the joy?
I don't know, but every year it is the same.
I inhale fall, and exhale giddy.


Sants said...

Fall is my favorite time of year! (Especially when it's fall!) I am having a lot of fun here in the deep south, but I REALLY miss the colors and smells of the Northwest fall! Thanks for sharing! I felt better living vicariously!

donna said...

Is that a picture of your dinning room? YOU need to post more pictures of your house Shelli,You are amazing decorator.
Enjoy the fall. :)

Krista said...

Call me! Call me! My giddiest moments are with you!

Gramma Spice said...

Love the cool crispness of fall mornings and bright red apples...the colorful squash of all shapes and sizes at farmer's market..and the golden leaves racing in front of me while I drive. Best time of the year! Will miss baking without a kitchen this season...will have to have a baking day at your house, okay, Shell?!