Tuna Fish & Rock Band...

Across from me sits my 5 year old daughter.
She is on a stool at the kitchen island.
She is oblivious to my amused glances.
I can't help myself...she is putting on quite a show.

At this stage of her young life, my little girl is obsessed with two things.
And those two things are definitely on her mind right now.
Those two things are?

Tuna fish and Rock Band.

She picks up her sandwich and pauses mid-bite...
"I think I'm in love Mom."
I'm wondering which lucky kindergarten boy she might be referring to.
"Oh yeah? With who honey?"
"With tuna fish".
I shouldn't be surprised, she asks for it every day.

She finishes off her first triangle with delight and wipes a few crumbs from her face.
She then picks up her imaginary drumsticks,
and starts right into "Hungry Like the Wolf".
That girl is dead on when it comes to singing on key.
And let me tell you, she is singing with GUSTO,
and drumming like Roger Taylor only WISHED he could.

The last note fades out as she clashes her air sticks together in true rocker fashion.
I know that audience she hears is just cheering like crazy.
It's over.
She calmly picks up the second triangle and takes a big bite.
"Oh man. I am so in love with tuna fish Mom".


Krista said...

Oh my gosh... I am so smiling right now. Miss my Gracie-poo.

Team Pettijohn said...

That story just made my day...and made me want some tuna fish. What a little cutie-pie you have there!

donna said...

so cute! :)

jharmon said...

ok that is really cute! But really Shell I can't keep up with you! Your blog is so cute, I wish you would just come and update mine for me... such talent! You have inspired me to try and update before the new year! We will see!
love ya!

Steph said...

I love little people.

Elece said...

She is a cute little Rocker!!!!!!! I have to admit I have had my love affairs with tuna too! Nothing better than a perfect tuna sandwich!

Mara said...

Sooo cute! I can't get any of my kids to appreciate tuna (probably my fault) but we sure do appreciate rocking out to a Duran Duran song!! Thanks for the smiles!

jeff said...

Hey Gracie, I love tun sandwiches too, I like mine grilled! If only Ira like them as much as me, making dinner would be a breeze. And about your picture, you are getting so big, at first glance I thought you were Skyler!

Tami said...

I love your blog. Fun new picture and background. What a cute story! Gracie is such an adorable girl and you are a fabulous mom!

Trev said...

she definitely loves tuna! it's so fun to ask her what she wants to eat. She pauses..... thinks..... then say "how about tuna" like she just came up with that! Who is she fooling? She thinks about tuna for every meal! ;)

she is so cute drumming on rock band, too! she really gets into it!

jeff said...

Weird that the comment listed my remark from Jeff. What's up with that? The comment was from Leslie Hickman.

Aunt Pat said...

So cute! Let's hope you've always got some tuna on hand for that little gal.