British Virgin Islands - oh baby!

I finally have some vacation pictures to show you!
Too many, I know, so just hang tight.
These are just a SAMPLE of the fun we had.
There are so many more, but I don't want to bore you so...

Put up your feet, relax and enjoy, cause here we go!

Pusser's restaurant on Tortola. The vacation is afoot.
Justin, Jared, Trev, me, Wendi, Joanna & Theresa

Trev scuba diving with the big sting ray!

Trev & Justin hoisting the sails.
We were on a catamaran with 3 other couples
Rick captained and all the boys did the sailing.

Ah, beautiful. Ready to go.

Like this picture of my sweetie getting ready to scuba.

In the dingy going to shore. That is our catamaran in the back, the Shawna Rae.
Jared, Wendi, Theresa, Trev (dinghy captain), Shelli & Joanna

And on the other end of the dinghy...
Joanna, Justin, Rick, Jared & Wendi

Peter Island. We ate dinner here, and enjoyed the evening
swinging in the hammocks and walking in the sand.

These fishermen were so sweet to give us two lobsters.
Thanks guys!

We had a FEAST that night. Here is Justin & Jared with
the two delicious beauties.

Here is our galley area.

Dock hotties. We got ice cream here and a few groceries.
Shelli, Wendi & Joanna

We dinghied (is that a word?) to the beach and played
on the sand till it got dark.
The boys found a coconut and played football with it (sorry no pics of that).

Does this picture need an explanation?
I think not.

Me & Joanna at The Baths.
I LOVE The Baths.

Trev takes a jump.

So cute. Sigh.

Love this picture.
I think those smiles were plastered on our faces
the entire time.
This was at The Baths. We ate lunch in the restaurant at the top
of the island, and swam in the fresh water pool up there.

The boys planning their jumps.
Some kind of contest...boys will be boys.

Theresa in the water, Shelli & Joanna jumping, and Wendi watching.
She went next.

The water was around 84, and air around 87.

What a great day at The Baths.

Galley Girls.
We had such an amazing time together. I love these girls.
Theresa, me, Joanna, & Wendi.

I took this picture of Jared as he was carrying the newly filled
air tanks to the dinghy.
I thought it turned out pretty good.

We found a swing!
All the girls took turns.
Here is mine.

Walking the beach with my hottie.

We snorkeled into Sandy Cay. Beautiful little island.

There was a path that wound around the island.
This is where we stopped and turned around.
It was a breathtaking place to be.

Tummies full of ice cream.

Live music & Foosball at The Last Resort.
This place was a great little find.

Wendi & Jared getting the party started.

Trev and Shelli giving it a go.

Theresa's proof that Rick can and DID dance!

Justin & Joanna enjoying themselves.

Our last day we had some scattered showers & a rainbow.
Our life buoy floated away so it was Joanna
to the rescue.
Here she is bringing it back during a warm tropical rain shower.

I love a man with Oreo teeth.

Wow. 36 pictures. Do you think that was too many?
We did so much more than this, and a lot of it is on others' cameras.
You can bet I will be sharing a few more in the future when
I get a hold of those photos.


donna said...

what a fun trip! :) Thanks for sharing your pictures with us!

Leslie said...

It was so fun to look at your pictures. 36 was not too many at all. How in the world did you get the guys to fast dance???

Tami said...

Wow! Your trip looked amazing! Thanks for sharing all of those pictures. I love your tan!

Malerie said...

Those are some beautiful pictures. It looks like you guys had a blast. How fun!

Krista said...

Love it! Can't wait to show Brandon!!! What a... I can't even think of a good enough word for your vacation. Good job! (okay, that was the lamest phrase I could have picked, but GOOD JOB!)

Sants said...

That was SO NOT too many pictures! I loved them! What a great time! Thanks for sharing them!

Mara said...

I think I looked at those pictures about three times! They are wonderful and it looks like you guys had a great time. That is one beautiful place and I feel warmer just from reading your blog. Glad you got away!

Jessica said...

Looks like some Amazing fun! Good job on documenting it all.

Aunt Pat said...

I've been waiting for these pictures. Thanks for sharing. More! More! What a great vacation...

Leslie said...

Holy cow, woman! You are so tan! Gorgeous!

...................................Kim.......................................... said...

I saw Joanna the night you guys got back at mutual. She told me all about it. Said you were pretty brown. Wow. She wasn't kidding. I LOVE all the pictures. Sounds like my kind of place. Hawaii was beautiful but talking to Joanna it sounds more like a paradise, not as many thieves either.
Happy you made it back safe and that you had a blast.

Elece said...

I bet you had so much fun!!!! I can only imagine what a blast it was with both you and Joanna!!! Fun girls. Oh, and I loved the dance moves...great pictures! Miss ya!

Karen said...

Thanks for posting the pictures! It looks like you had a blast, I wish I could have been there. I'm really confused though...I thought you had to be a virgin to go there.

Sarah Johnson said...

oh wow! nope. you absolutely did not post too many pictures-- i loved seeing them all...and picturing myself going there some day! you guys all look so great:)

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