House Guests.

My parents had a kitchen fire.
It was not pretty.
Fire & smoke damage.
They had to move out while their place is being cleaned and redone.
So while they are waiting for their new kitchen...

We have house guests!

And it has been so enjoyable!
What fun to have them around and get to know them even better.
I hope they can stand us until their place is ready.

We had a mother/daughter day when mom helped me
make 80 chocolate dipped pretzel sticks for
the primary church kids.
We had a blast in the kitchen.

Can't you tell from my mom's chocolate lips?


Steph said...

Your dog is SO STINKIN' CUTE!!! (Almost makes me want to get one of my own.)
I think it's great that you and your mom enjoy each other so much. :o)You are both very lucky.

Sants said...

I LOVE that picture! I am so glad that noone was hurt! So scary! Those pretzels look divine...

donna said...

wow you and your mother look so much alike!

Elece said...

Mmmmmmm, those chocolate dipped pretzels look yummy! Cute, cute!

Krista said...

I can't wait to be there! Hey, I just spent two hours putting together a Christmas Playlist, and you beat me! It looks like we have different stuff, though! Cute holiday look, Shell. I can't wait to be there and get some chocolate on my lips. And Cotton is adorable! You got snow! Hooray!

Shelli said...

Actually Kris, that snow is from last year. I cheated and used a picture from last winter. :)

Karen said...

I'm going to start a fire in my kitchen so I can come stay with you too. I love your mom's chocolate lips. You two are the cutest kids!! You both look exactly the same to me.