Look at December

As promised, here is a look at our December.

I need flowers, even in winter...(heart going pitter-pat).

Babysitting Ez while parents were at Christmas party.
Oh those cheeks.

Aunt Kiersten's annual gingerbread house party!
We look forward to this every year.
She's awesome.

Me & Googles.

The Larson bunch BRUNCH.

Uncles are the best, aren't they? Especially the ones that wrestle.
Uncle Jeff loves to wrestle.

Papa Noel
stopped by.
My oldest loves him.

Santa and the Mrs.
Cute, huh?

Speaking of cute.
The life of my dog...a sweater even.
Sorry... you can't have him.

The stockings.

They are awake!
It's tradition to all sleep in the same room Christmas Eve.
Just like I did with my sibs.


It's hard to surprise Mr. Adventure on Christmas.
But I did it!
Imagine that...a new unicycle!!

Trying out the new Pogo Sticks Santa brought.

Some"bunny" hitched a ride.

Birthday time for these two.
Happy Birthday T & G!

The Seattle Sombrero.
Perfect gift for Mr. Adventure.
(Heart going pitter-pat again).

Congratulations to my sister on her book publication!
We threw together a fun basket full of writer's goodies to celebrate her!
She rocks.

We found the perfect T-Shirt for her.
I'm pretty sure she loved it.

The GIRLS ONLY dance party.
Thrown by 3 darling daughters.
No boys allowed.
We had special tickets to get in.
Too bad you weren't invited.

Definitely a highlight of our vacation.

We liked shopping.
We did it a lot.

Ice skating New Year's Day.
She took to the ice like a little pro!

Kris & her B.
Pretty cute, huh?

I love to skate.
Maybe I could have been a skater.

My kids & cousin J.
Obviously having a great time.

And now it's on to 2010!
Here's to MORE happy times!


Malerie said...

What a beautiful December!

Elece said...

How fun! You take the best pictures. And.....Oh......The Stockings.......Made me smile. That was a Happy December!!!!! Thanks for sharing. :)

Jen said...

Looks like a wonderful month! Glad you had such a wonderful Holiday season with your family:)

Mara said...

Love it, love it! Glad you had such holiday happiness! I REALLY LOVE Kristi's shirt--that's perfect!

Aunt Pat said...

I've been waiting for your post! How fun to share a bit of Christmas magic with you!!!!

Toni C. said...

Thanks for the pics Shell! You rock!

donna said...

beautiful pictures. :) Thanks for sharing.

Trev said...

It was a great break! the pics don't quite do it justice. thanks for posting them, shell! next year we going to a cabin???

Shelli said...

YES! Let's do the cabin Trev. Make some new and different memories - I'm all for that!

Sants said...

I just adore all of these pictures! All the love, the traditions, the beautiful people, the happiness!

Thanks for sharing it with us!