No badgers.

As my 6 year old sits in her primary church class,
her new teacher asks a question.

"Sometimes I like to bring treats to class when you are listening and obedient.
Are any of you allergic to candy?"

She quickly raises her hand and says,
"Well...I'm not allergic to candy. Pause. But I AM allergic to bears.
Bears are scary and they can scratch and bite you.
So yeah, I think I'm allergic to bears...

AND... badgers.
They can bite and scratch you too, so I think I am also allergic to badgers".

Too bad I don't get to work with the kids any more.
This is the good stuff.


Krista said...

Nice big belly laugh in the middle of the day. *sigh* Thank G-Belle for me!

Sants said...

Love it! I think I must be allergic to badgers and bears, too! (I mean, I never thought about it, but it totally makes sense.)

donna said...

so cute! I was one of you daughter’s sunbeam Teachers. ( many years ago)
One time I asked the class what they “like to do for fun?” Your daughter says that she “likes to play with her friend Madeline”, then she says to me. “Do you know that Madeline speaks Spanish ?” Madeline says “ I don’t speak Spanish.” Your daughter says to Madeline “I can’t understand what you are saying. So you must speak Spanish.”

Shelli said...

Thanks for the laugh Donna! I remember that! She insisted her friend spoke Spanish because she had a hard time understanding her. Oh my sides hurt now. :)

Anonymous said...

ummmm, I'm pretty sure I'm allergic to bears and badgers, too. Smart girl.

Elece said...

I know I already told you how funny I thought this post was but I had to read it again today because it gives me a belly laugh. Good stuff indeed!!!!