My Glad Game.


In 1913 Eleanor H. Porter wrote the best-selling American Classic, Pollyana.
If you remember, Hayley Mills and Disney gave us the visual version.
My sister and I loved this movie when we were kids.

Wikpedia: "The novel's success brought the term "Pollyanna" into the language to describe someone who seems always to be able to find something to be "glad" about no matter what circumstances are."

Though this sounds like a GOOD thing,
to be called a Pollyana doesn't always have a positive connotation.
To call someone a Pollyana can also mean that you are implying
that their optimism is excessive to the point of naïveté or
refusing to accept the facts of an unfortunate situation.

Okay yes, but I love what the author has to say about that...

In an interview Eleanor H. Porter said,
"I have been made to suffer from the Pollyanna books,
I have been placed often in a false light.
People have thought that Pollyanna chirped that she was 'glad at everything.'
I have never believed that we ought to deny discomfort and pain and evil.
I have merely thought that it is far better
to greet the unknown with a

Anyone read my profile statement lately?
"Life isn't perfect, but I prefer to go about my world with a smile on".

I am a Pollyana.

See these 3 little stinkers?
That's me on the left, my bro Mike & sis Kris.
Guess what they called me when I was little?

A good thing? Yes, even though I caught on to that little hint of
"goody goody" that goes along with the title.
Sometimes I felt myself being defensive of my optimism.
But it was all good.
See...there it is in the sentence above, I just can't help myself.

Recently I reclaimed the Pollyana nickname
with the help of some of my good friends.
They caught on to me I guess.
As soon as the name escaped their lips, a groan escaped mine.
"Oh no! That is what my siblings teased me about when I was little!"
They tried to assure me it was a GOOD thing.
It was OKAY to be optimistic.

Except for statements like this...
"Shelli, tell me honestly, what do I need to improve in my tennis game?
What did you see that I could have done better?
Oh wait,
you are just going to tell me all the positive stuff,
I need to remember who I am asking..."
I have to admit, I find that one pretty funny.

And so I have decided that in honor of my
I will start what I hope to be a weekly post in my sidebar.
My thoughts on what brings happiness home.
Maybe some insight on why life is lovely.
The insider's guide to a Pollyanna mind.

Stay with me.
It won't be optimism in excess.
Just bring a glass of milk in case you need help swallowing my sweetness pill.
(Oh, and make sure it's half full.)


donna said...

I think it would be a great if all of us had a little "Pollyanna" in us. I am excited to read your weekly thoughts!!

Elece said...

Ha!!! I love the Polyanna in you! You have a gift Shelli, a light in your spirit, a quickness in your step, and it makes everyone around you a little more joyful. That is awesome!!!!
:) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :)

Gramma Spice said...

Your special gift has always been to lift others' spirits. It's only fitting that God equipped you with the ability to recognize and feel the beauty and joy of what really matters...to be able to sift out the junk and lift your own spirit, too. Your friends and family need their Pollyanna! Love your musings here, sweetie. Remember how much Kris looked like Hayley Mills? :)

Karen said...

Love you and your outlook on life!!