Tuesday in Twenty.

Tuesday in Twenty (words):

Cott's favorite spot.

Hi Grandma!

Apron collection.

Fifteen is delicious.

Mr. Fluffypants cuddles.

My happy desk.

Sitting in a sunshine patch.


donna said...

I love your house. Have you ever took a Interior Design class?

Leslie said...

I love this post. What a great idea...I may have to steal this idea. I dig your style, too!

Gramma Spice said...

Perfection!!!...especially loved Gracie's BIG yell from the stage...what every grandparent lives for. Missed her Tuesday visit today very much.

Sants said...

Love it! Love it all!

Steph said...

Gracie did a random'solo' in front of the Primary during music time on Sunday. She BLEW US AWAY! She has an amazingly pure and powerful voice for such a petite little girl. At the very moment she started to sing,the adults were all looking at each other to see if everyone noticed the same thing. We sure did! I told her after how beautiful she sounded and that I thought she was going to be the next American Idol!
Side note: I love that you blog regularly about whatever. I should focus and get mine up to date. It's pretty stale right now. C-ya!

Elece said...

Oh, that is a sweet post. I have an apron collection too! it is one of my favorite things. Yep, Aprons and high heels the perfect outfit.