Catching Up.

USTA...United States Tennis Association.
I belong to a USTA team, and each spring the tournaments begin.
If you win the first round, you go on to the second.
If you win the second you go on to the third.
Then you can go on to sectionals, nationals, and so forth.

If you lose, you are just plain out.
And then you start team practices the very next week
so you can TRY TO WIN NEXT YEAR!

Our team has practice this week so we can try to win next year.
We just weren't able to pull through.
The first round was this last weekend.
I had a blast and won a singles match and 2 doubles matches.
I lost one poo poo singles match.
I was pretty excited about the way I played though.

The months leading up to this tournament
are filled with lots of extra practice and team chatter.
And the weekend tourneys are exciting, stressful,
and FULL of anticipation and nerves.
Those feelings mixed with the physical exertion of match after match
make for one tired body and mind when you are done.

I came home after my last match, and looked around my house.
It was clear I needed to play catch up in the house cleaning dept.
Especially the laundry.
There was a huge pile of it on my bed, waiting to be folded.

Obviously, it was time to dive in.
So what did I do?
Without much thought, I dropped onto the bed.
I grabbed a sweatshirt from the pile and put it over my legs.
A towel for my torso and arms,
and a pair of pants would do to cover my feet.
Ahhhh, time to catch up.



Krista said...

Hee hee... you are so adorable. I still remember how Mom found you curled up in a little ball on the neighbor's front porch. When Shlolli is tired, Shlolli sleeps.

Mara said...

That's my kind of catching up! I think it's good to be that tired physically every now and then. Way to go Shelli!

Elece said...

Ha!!!! I love your catching up tactics. You are one clever girl. You made me laugh and I like doing that. Thanks partner. We will get them next year!!!!!

Gramma Spice said...

Such a champ..how I love my little big girl.