I am feeling grateful today.
I slept good.
The house is quiet while I sip my smoothie sitting in the sunny patch on my bed.
My hubby kissed me before leaving early this morning.
It's my son's 14th birthday today...how he has grown.
I get to play tennis in an hour.  What a blessing this body is.
So what if the birds ate my grapes this year...their chirping makes my spirit joyful.
My home is a summer in-and-out mess, but I love home.
Fall is around the corner, oh fall..what you do to me.
I get to make cookies and weed the garden this weekend.  I can't wait.
My oldest is driving.  What a milestone.  I am proud.
My body is thanking me for eating better things.  Thank you for fruit!
Hot shower.  As long as I want.  Wow.
The blessing of another glorious day ahead.
Yes, I am feeling grateful today.


Krista said...

I love you, Shelli! x

Gramma Spice said...

Lovely thoughts...not sour grapes, just disappearing ones. You had tons of them! Have to call our 14 year old...have something to give him...and a big hug for a great grandson who is so loving and smart.
Enjoy this beautiful day, hon.

donna said...

I hope you have a wonderful day. : )

Malerie said...

What an uplifting, beautiful post! Thanks for the reminder to stop and remember the oh so good things in life :)

Cassi said...

Thanks for giving me a great and much needed reminder, Shelli. Your positive attitude always lifts my spirits.

Toni C. said...

I'm glad to hear you're eating better. I was a little worried after your last post ;) xoxo

Elece said...

Hey you! Great post and I just wanted to say I am grateful for you today! You are an awesome, lovely friend.