Jam Packed...

 That was our summer.  
Crazy, busy fun!
As you know, I didn't blog much.
We were here one day and gone the next.
But now it's time to settle down, clean house, update blogs...
So keeping with tradition, here is a little recap of our summer.
In pictures for your viewing pleasure!

My "Voluptuous" tea rose.  I did not enhance this photo at all, this rose glows!

Love these climbers on my split rail.  Ahhh.  Enjoyed my flowers this summer.

Made a few 4-wheeling trips.  The sand dunes were a new experience, but I think I prefer trail riding in the trees.

When they got bored...

Did some outdoor camping in the backyard.  Perfect.

Check out the heart on this apple!  It made my day, and that apple tasted extra sweet, I swear!

My girls on our white water rafting trip.  Googles was a bit unsure. We came out soaked, but we did it!

In Sun River waiting for our bus to take us to the white water.  And that's my hot hubby. I told you...a hotty.


Biking the trails in Sun River.  It was BEAUTIFUL there.  The trails are wonderful!

Seats four!

My reaction to Trev's comment.  Don't remember the comment, but he tried for this reaction and got it.

At the park in Sun River.  My oldest kept asking..."Where did Dad go?"  She didn't see him climb.

Listening to live music while waiting for pizza in Sun River.  Googles and I danced to it while the teens tried to look cool and not related.  Party poops.

Playing Farkle at Banks Lake with Cheryl and Heather.

Boating on Banks.

My son tearing it up on the stand up.

The kid crew at Banks.  A GREAT bunch!

Back to school cookie baking! MMMMM.  Made plenty to stick in the freezer.

The teens on their first day of school.  What happened to my kiddos?

The youngers on their first day of school.  Still kiddos.  Sigh.

Hope you all enjoyed your summer!
Now of course it is almost time to enjoy fall.
And you KNOW I will enjoy my fall.


donna said...

Thanks for sharing your summer with us... GREAT pictures.

Trev said...

that all seemed to go by in a flash!!! it was a fun summer for sure!

Krista said...

LOVE the pics. I'm so glad I could share in a little bit of your summer! Thanks!!!!

Aunt Pat said...

Loved the update - thanks for sharing!