I love this time of year.
I like how things slow down a little.
Time to enjoy some sweet little things.
Lately I've been enjoying...

 Cottage cheese with fruit.  
This is one of my new favorite things.
I very much like it with sliced red grapes, sliced bananas 
and slivered almonds.
It's like healthy dessert.
Oh so good!

 My coach has been working with me for quite a while to try to get my backhand better.
I used to have a two handed...think Nadal.
But it felt so much better to me to use a one handed...think Federer.
So the switch has been a long process.
But I am happy lately because I am starting to feel very comfortable with it.
Maybe soon it could even be a weapon!
Practice!  Practice!  Practice!

So I thought the birds ate all my grapes this year.
I have four different seedless varieties.
They wiped me out of my favorite green ones.
But throughout the last week, I have discovered
that they did not eat my blush colored ones!
I just sit on the ground and pick off all the ripe ones,
and pop them into my mouth one by one.

I'm not sure why, but sometimes I need soft music.
And that is all I will listen to for a while, 
because my soul likes the calm.
So, crazy as it sounds, I have had my radio on the 
SYMPHONY station of all things!
I know, I know.
But I have found that I really love Brahms!
And Beethoven.  
But especially Brahms.

One of my best friends, Valoree is getting married in October!
(She is the cutie on the far right).
I am thrilled for her!!  It is wonderful!
And you know what?
She asked me to be a bridesmaid!
Isn't that exciting?
Elece & Janelle are too!
This is DEFINITELY a sweet little thing.

The pumpkins in my garden are GROWING!
This is the first time I have grown pumpkins,
and I LOVE to see them.
Bright orange and round!

What kinds of sweet little things have you been enjoying lately?


Trev said...

Lots of good stuff in that post! keep up that one handed backhand! It looks so sexy when you hit it like that. besides, you have the guns to pull it off! go Justine, I mean Shelli!

The pumpkins are pretty cool, huh! The farms here that have them are bursting with pumpkins! Fall is here for sure! Love U!!

Elece said...

Love your pumpkins!!! I can't wait till my backhand becomes a sweet little thing.....right now it's a big frustrating mess. :)

Rach said...

Looks like you've been having fun!

Gramma Spice said...

Finally got to catch up and read your last 3 posts...been gone so much this summer..but what fun dad and I had! So glad to hear you got to enjoy a few grapes, hon....sure love you, Trev and dolls.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for helping me calm down a bit and look around. By the way, I'm also in a cottage cheese phase right now - I love it with pineapple.

'Becca Black said...

I like Brahms too . . . and Debussy . . . and Vaughn Williams.

deannegalloway said...

Those grapes look so Yummy! Someday I'm going to try my hand at growing them! I love seeing pumpkins in the fall too!