Her Dad.

Something keeps happening to my children.
They keep growing up.

My firstborn is now almost 16 years old.
She is an amazing girl.
She is also a Daddy's Girl.
I noticed this when she was very young, and at first was a little hurt by it.
But when my second born came along 15 months later
I quickly forgave her, because I kind of needed her to be a Daddy's Girl.

It is clear that she is still smitten.
Her Dad is the cat's meow.
And from my perspective, it's almost like he has this magic power with her.
Yes, magic...good magic.

I like this magic power, because he is able to teach her so many things.
I'm talking life lessons.
I can tell her something and she kind of looks at me like she will think about it.
Her Dad tells her the same thing, and it is clear what she should do.

I am not hurt.
I am thankful.

He decided it's about time she learned to ride a bike.
She agreed.

It didn't take her long.
Killed it a few times at first, but...

Then she's off.
She's showing him that she can do it.

Growing up in a world like this, 
I am more than happy that she has her Dad.
Yes, I am very happy.


Chelsea Lynne said...

I love this <3 Dads are amazing

Jen said...

Cute pics! She's lucky to have such a great Dad!

Trev said...

I am the lucky one. She is amazing to me, and I love her more than she will ever know. It makes me choked up to think about it. I want her to still be 11 years old, and unaware of how cruel the world can be. Unaware of what heartbreak feels like. Keenly aware of how much I love her and how much she means to me. Daddys and daughters. It is some kind of magic.

Sant Family said...

It's all about the Daddy-Daughter Relationship. So glad your daughter has that! Snaps to you guys. (And I forgot that your first two are 15 months apart also - haha! Crazy times.)

jharmon said...

Haven't been on the blog much, it was fun to read through and see how you've been:) What a great family!

Gramma Spice said...

love that guy of yours, Shell...so thankful that he is the kind of dad who is there for her...his concern will effect her decisions for years to come. Love you, Trev..you are both great parents.