Paint chips, arm pain & Roger the great.

Isn't it funny how at times your most well laid plans can take a back seat
because life steps in and just kind of takes over?

I have been wanting to paint some walls in our home for some time now.
So I started the tedious process of paint chip collecting.

Do you know how many different shades of blue there are?  
Or even worse, yellow?
However, it didn't take me long to find the perfect aqua for my office!

It is called Vintage Map, and as soon as I rolled it on, I was in love.
It's the perfect brightness, and just the right mix of green & blue I was looking for.
Okay, that one was easy, and yes it's such a huge sample square because I couldn't stop rolling the paint on!
It will be a lovely accent wall!

So on to the yellow for the kitchen/dining & family room area.
I am looking for a cheerful sunny yellow.
So with colors like squish-squash, popcorn kernal, golden honey, 
corn chip, humble gold, and honeysuckle beige, I just knew I would find the right one.

But I am finding that yellows are HARD.
Too much green, too much beige, too gold, too fluorescent.  Ack!
SO I am still on the hunt for the perfect yellow.
If you know of any good ones, LET ME KNOW!
I am steering away from the beige like yellow I currently have.
I need it a bit more cheerful, & more of a statement!

The bedroom will be done as well, but I am SO stuck on that one.
I have no pictures to show you, and not much progress with the paint chips.
I think I want blue, but the shade eludes me.  Not too dark, not too pale.
Why is it so hard to pick the perfect color?  :)

Anyway, I figured  I could go ahead and get an estimate for someone to come paint.
Trevor HATES HATES to paint.
Yes, I meant to put two hates in there in all caps.
So he said I could find someone to do it.
He hates it when I do it and he watches me
and feels guilty, and then ends up having to help me.
(He also gets carpel tunnel when he paints, so there is a legit excuse as well).
After the first outrageous estimate, I decided I could do it myself.

But then my body decided I probably should hire someone after all.
During the final match of my last tennis tournament,
my arm rebelled against me.
It decided it could not hold a racket any more, let alone take the impact of a ball hitting it.
I'm happy to say we won the match, but I knew I would need to see a doctor as I walked off the court.

I just started physical therapy.
I really like it, but am definitely sore afterward.
They tell me it should take about 4-6 weeks, so I am hopeful.
Especially since USTA team tournaments start at the end of April.
I'm crossing my fingers!!!
Because yes, I do plan on playing.

I know it sounds silly, but the whole elbow thing really stressed me out.
You know what else stresses me out?
When my kids are stressed out!

Do you remember being a teenager and having to go through all the crap?
Boy crap, friend crap, body image crap, self-esteem crap?  ETC...
I don't love using that word so much, but it really is the right word for it, right?

When your teen suffers you suffer.
Yes, she looks happy here.
And that is because she IS happy here.
After many talks, and late nights, we are seeing more of this happy.
Thank goodness, because she sure is beautiful when she is happy.
Inside AND out.

And so the house painting is at a stand-still and the arm aches.
At least my girl IS smiling more.
I do feel a bit emotionally & physically exhausted though.

I can't help but think about our upcoming trip.
Just what the doctor ordered, and it's right around the corner.

Here is a hint.
It's all about THIS...

And if I could just SEE Roger play, I just KNOW
much of that stress will melt away, and I can be a completely happy girl once again.
For me Rog?  Please?

Thanks buddy.
See ya there!


Gramma Spice said...

Wishing you no more hurt in that elbow, sweetie...and a wonderful trip...great post. Did you ever look at the Sherwin-Williams yellow?

Krista said...

Pretty blue! Yellows are SO HARD. I finally picked mine, had it mixed, brought it home, put up a swatch, did NOT like it, then added a bunch of leftover beige from the basement color. I love it now, but I'm not sure I could buy more if I needed it, ha! It's so sunny and pretty, though.

I'm glad you have a trip coming up. We do too, just me and Brandon and another couple, to watch BYU in Vegas. I'm so excited to GET AWAY.

Love you and miss you!

Cassi said...

Shelli, Amen to everything you said. Especially the teenagers. I ache more for my teenager than I ached for myself when I was going through all of that. Jess and I both said if we lived close we would be over there painting for you in a second. You know, it's my hobby and I'm pretty good at it if I say so myself, and it doesn't affect my running. Your blue is gorgeous. I might borrow it. Some ideas for yellow are my 2 favorites: Benjamin Moore Jicama and Benjamin Moore Standish White. I'm not sure if they're what you're looking for, but I've used them in both houses. And, a different blue I love that is in my familyroom: Benjamin Moore's Woodlawn Blue. . . .just some ideas. Good luck. Maybe I should take a trip to the tri-cities soon :)

Sant Family said...

I love that vintage map bluish greenish. I got a sample and I'm going to see how it feels in Louisiana. I had a Costco butter yellow in Spokane that I liked 99% of the time. No yellow here, though! It's too hot! I dream of a Tiffany blue bedroom. Larry does not share that dream, but he does share the bedroom. I am super picky about blues. I dislike most of them.

Aggg... deep sigh ... teenagers. It's just so tough. Tough to be them, tough to parent them. Tough.

Sorry about your elbow. I hope it heals quickly! Did you get a cortisone shot? Did it hurt? Of course it did! Duh. But then it feels awesome.

Your trip looks like it will be amazing! Have fun!