Star Struck at Indian Wells

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We are back from our get-away!
It really WAS just what the doctor ordered, and I feel much happier now!

If you are a tennis fan, you will probably enjoy the above collage.
These are some of the tennis "stars" we got to see up close and personal,
taken with our little camera!
If you are NOT a tennis fan, you can just skip the collage
and maybe just enjoy the photos below.

We were in Indian Wells (or Palm Springs) California.
(kind of like Federer...did I just type that?)
We got to watch the first week of the BNP Paribas Open.
And I admit, I was starstruck.  Seeing all those tennis greats was just so amazing.
We went with our awesome friends who also happen to be our neighbors
(we are so lucky).

Me, Trev, Justin & Joanna getting ready to watch Dulko & Pennetta play doubles.

On the practice court behind us is Maria Sharapova.
And yes, she is loud.  We could hear her scream from a few courts down.

Oh.  My.  Heart.  Be.  Still...
This was my first glimpse of my fave, Roger Federer.
Just hanging out on the practice courts.
Waiting for me to wave.
And faint.
He's just as heavenly in person.
And wait till you see his legs...

And sitting right behind us in Stadium One were his darling twin girls.
Kind of fun to just look up, and Oh...There they are!

And then Gwen Stefani walked out.  She is beautiful.
She & her hubby are good friends with the Federers.
Just a little tidbit for ya.

Hot & sweaty, but enjoying every single minute.
We survived the heat with lemon ices.
Thank heavens for those!

Hi John! 
John Isner was right there on the practice courts.
All  6 feet 9 inches of him.

Trev waiting to get John's autograph.
Sam Querry is sitting to the left of him.
Trev is the best dad...He carried that ball everywhere and waited here and there
to get it signed for our Skoogles.
She was thrilled!!!

Jo & me.
I think we were watching Roanic here.

And...here they are.
I like his legs.
What can I say?

Not the most flattering picture of me, but I believe it captures my
immature giddiness in seeing Roger play.

Trev and Julia Georges, a fairly new up-and-coming German tennis player.
She was fun to watch, great mover.

Me with Vania King!

Enjoying watching the Bryan Brothers play

Here is Novak Djokovic on the practice court.
He was a hoot.
He ended up winning the Open for Men's Singles.

And here is Caroline Wozniacki on the practice court.
She is so strong and smiley.  What a great combo!
Love her!
She ended up winning the Open for Women's Singles...YES!

Such a relaxing enjoyable time.
We might bring the kids next year!

And the fun doesn't end here,
another amazing vacation is again right around the corner!!
For the whole family this time.
I'll keep ya posted!


donna said...

wow, what a great trip,and you also got some wonderful pictures......
Thanks for sharing...

Toni C. said...

Fun! Bummer for me, I was really hoping you were going to the US Open. You look great!

Krista said...

What fun! I'm so glad you got to do this! I'm inspired to post our pic from our Jimmer--I mean Vegas trip! Love you, Shells!

Elece said...

Awesome!!!! I wanna go next time. I really like the comment about Caroline.....strong and smiley!!! Reminds me of someone.....hmmmmmm. Great stuff!