Homecoming, Two Peas & an Apology.

I think it would make sense to start this post with an apology & an explanation.
I don't know how many people look at my blog.
And although it is nice to have followers, 
I blog for four good reasons.
My children.  Monkeys A, B, C, & D.
I make books from my blog posts.
They are sort of journal/picture books.
My kids already love to look at them, and read about themselves.
I think it is nice for them to have an inside to my thoughts and feelings.
Maybe they can know their mom a bit better.

That is my explanation.
Now for my apology.
I'm sorry children.
I used to make blogging a priority.
I have fantastic intentions, but as you all know, we are one busy family.
Please forgive me, and know that I am doing my best.
Because this family of ours is so so important, I want to capture all of it in a book for you.
But I also want to live it.
I'm trying to find the balance.
So don't give up on me, I will try to keep the posts coming!

My sweet oldest girl went to Homecoming!
Her first formal dance.
And you can tell because we took tons of pictures.
(Sorry if this is a repeat for those of you who Facebook).

I thought they looked stunning.  And excited.  :)

Her cousin Chelsea came over and did her hair.
Thanks so much Chels, you did a beautiful job!!
And it was so fun!


I'm sorry, but I will just say it.
I couldn't get over how beautiful she looked and how excited I was for her.
And I want you all to know that this girl's inside beauty matches the out.
All moms say that right?
I don't care.
It's true.

I loved being a part of the next picture.
Chels & I were the make-up & hair crew.
Just had to celebrate.

They were both a bit nervous at first.
What do we do with these corsage thingies?

How do I pin this thing on?
We all loved that it was Trev who jumped in and helped .

They had a great time!!

remember the Breast Cancer Benefit I do every year with Elece?
It came a little earlier this year, but we made sure we were there!
We love this one!!
"For The Love of The Girls"

Warming up!

A shot of the group.

They gave us pink towels with our team name this year!
We love these!
"Two Peas In A Pod", that is us.
We played against other teams that had great names like...
The Maidenforms,
The TaTa's,
The Double D-faults...

Didn't get a picture with Elece at the end,
but we got to take home these lovely first place flower baskets.
Thanks Lecey Lou, it is ALWAYS fun with you!

And I saved the best picture for last.
A typical morning for my GG.
A bowl of cereal in a sunny patch, reading Calvin & Hobbes.

I love my kiddos.
And my peas.


Malerie said...

What a fun post! And what a cute homecoming couple! She really is gorgeous and you look like you could be her sister! Seriously. So much fun!

donna said...

Your daughter looks so pretty, and her dress is gorgeous.
My Em is going to homecoming in a few weeks, and I'm sure i will be taking lots of pictures as well.

Sant Family said...

Uhmmmm, okay. Holy COW! Your oldest (not saying her name here) is GORGEOUS! I love love LOVE her hair and her dress and her smile! I just can't believe that she is old enough to date!

I blog for the same reasons you do - but I am glad that I get to see into your life. Your comments and thoughts always make me want to be a better person! Thanks for sharing.