Last camp out.

I think you know we are an outdoorsy family.
We wanted one more camping getaway before it got too cold.
So we packed everybody up and went to Hepner, Oregon for the weekend.
Good campground, beautiful trails and trees, & not too far from home.
And of course we took our quads & bikes.

Good Morning me! 
And dogs!
Yes, my camper is wonderful.  LOVE it.

Started the day off with a good breakfast!
Oatmeal, raspberries & toast!
Say yummy!

We hit the trails.
Why do I love all the blond hair coming out from my daughters' helmets?
Because they are all cute tomboys?
Don't know why, but I do.

How many times have we posed on these rocks?
Pyramid Rocks.
We all still love to stop here on this trail and climb.
And pose.

And their true natures...

Our turn.  

Is that a dirt biker totem pole?
Or my son?

The girls on our hike.
It was a beautiful day.
Not too cold, not too hot.

So fun to see the fall colors.

Collecting roasting sticks in the forest.

Had such a great time with Trev and the kids.
My favorite parts were just hanging out with the family,
the hike with the girls, roasting marshmallows with the sticks
the girls carved, and watching Raising Hope together before bed.
Have you seen Raising Hope?
Love it.  It's a laugh and a half.

Well, I think that's it for our camping this year.
Good bye lovely camper!
See you next year!


Floyd said...

I brought Trev up grand camping and hiking, we had a blast in scouts, glad you are keeping up the tradition but you do have a few extra toys that we did not have. My last camping was to FT Stevens and Stub Stewart State Park in Sept. Just cleaned the trailer and put it away for the winter today. Love your posts. Tell Trev hello for me.

Pearl said...

Wow. What a beautiful family!

My sister and her boys do a lot of this very same thing, camper and all, in Minnesota. :-)