What do you envision when you hear this job title?
I have never had a problem listing this as my job, or answering yes to the question, "Do you stay-at-home?"
But lately, I feel I do have a slight problem with it. The problem, you ask? I'M NEVER HOME! At least it feels that way. It is true that when my kids were little, I remember not wanting to leave the house. Who wants to go grocery shopping with 3 little kids in tow? My first 2 children were only 16 months apart. I seem to recall a very tidy apartment that I almost never left, because I couldn't quite figure out how to manage taking 2 babies with me anywhere. Yes, I was a Stay-at-Home-Mom, definitely!
But now I think I could be called these things...
Stay-At-Grocery Store-Mom
Plan-Activities for Primary-Mom
Technology Project-Mom
Food on the Table-Mom
Help with Homework-Mom
Host-Baby showers & Birthday Parties-Mom

I could keep going. The point is, I WISH I could be a Stay-At-HOME-Mom. This stage of my life has me pining for an easychair and crosswords book. Maybe just a moment or two to make my house "tidy" again. How I long to sit and read that magazine I just got in the mail. Don't get me wrong, it's all good. I try to go with the flow. But, home is definitely where my heart is. I just wish it was also where my body was!!


Matt, Nicki, Maizy and Hazel said...

Love the new picture in the header...you have such a cute little family. Look at all those girls, looks like we are going to have something in common...only I'm a little behind. I keep wondering what it's going to be like when my kids get involved in all that stuff and life gets crazy. I guess you could call it Good pain right? lol. P.S. Hazel is totally dancing to your music right now. Hilarious.

Sants said...

I love your blog's new look!

And I completely relate to what you said. I call myself a "stay-in-the-car-mom."

I love crosswords puzzles.

I hope to do one again someday.

jharmon said...

AMEN!!! I can't even begin to clean my house because I am always running! Sometimes I love it but other times I would love to sit and read a book for a few moments! I really love your family picture. It is so fun.

Melanie Cain said...

This post cracks me up. I have been complaining about the same thing and I don't even have kids yet! Boy am I in for a treat. One day all the kids will be gone and life will slow down a bit. Until then, enjoy all the crazy moments.

Toni Cavallini said...

too funny! I'm in the thick of the stay-at-home mom part, and when baby #2 comes (14-months apart), I'll be just like you described in the beginning... afraid to ever leave the house. Thank goodness spring is coming and we can at least venture out in the stroller or the backyard.

Krista Jensen said...

You're so great! Hang in there. It will slow down (a bit) when Gracie is in school, but until then, enjoy the ride. I would want to be home at your house, too! Love you.

Kimi said...

I haven't gotten to this stage yet. I don't know if I'll be able to hack it.... sanely. I love all the new pictures!!!! They would look really good in some cute frames!!!