Spring is in the air!

This hot mama (not me, the cycle) is sitting in my garage. It doesn't belong to me, it belongs to Trev, my husband. It is spring. Let me tell you about spring. Yes, the flowers bloom, yes, the birds sing. You know what else sings? Motorcycle engines. Have you noticed them? The temps reach almost 60, and there is a new sound in the air. The hum, purr, roar, whatever you want to call it, of all the motorcycles emerging from their garages after being stored all winter.
And each spring as we see them race past, my husband gives me that look, and I do the eye roll or something like it. It's tradition.

So, let me tell you about our first date. This hot guy in a red t-shirt picks me up at my house. After intros to the fam, we drive to the ice-skating rink and he laces up my skates and whirls me around the rink. Then it is off to Batman at the theater...the attraction is mounting, we sit closer than most people who really don't know each other all that well. This date is going well. I really like this friendly, confident, cute 17 year old guy, he makes me laugh, and I am having the time of my life. Then we go to his house for more introductions to family. Then just when I think the date is over and it is time to return home, he pulls out a helmet. Wait, make that 2 helmets. I have never worn a helmet before. How much time did I spend on perfecting my permed hair before this date? The helmet feels good, and I get to wrap my arms around him for a while. So far, it's worth the squished perm. We are off, and ...it's exhilarating! Hot summer night, stars out, wind whipping by you, a new perspective and a thrill. When I get home and tell my mom this guy has a motorcycle, she quickly asks, voice a little panicked, "You didn't go for a ride, did you?" I answer just as quickly with hair flat as can be..."No, of course not!"
Since that fateful, wonderful day, my husband has owned many motorcycles. He goes in stages, buying and selling them. We haven't owned one for a couple of years, and that is why this spring started with "the look". Because it is time. It's been too long for him. I knew it as soon as we saw the first motorcycle of the season. It wasn't long after this that he started showing me pictures of the Suzuki M109R Boulevard on the computer. "What do you think of that?" "Hmmmm" was my reply. I watched and waited patiently and quietly as he made calls and visited the motorcycle shop. Then last weekend we went "for a drive" and somehow wound up there. Just to show me and see what I thought. You want to know what I thought?
Motorcycles are dangerous. You crash on one, chances are not so good it will turn out okay. How much time and money will be spent? Not so fond of too many hours away from the family. Those are my usual first thoughts. Then you want to know what I thought?
That is the sexiest motorcycle I have ever seen. If I were a guy and into motorcycles, that is the exact motorcycle I would buy. My husband has good taste!
And finally I thought... Where did I put my motorcycle jacket? Is it hanging in the closet? I'll need to get it out so we can go for a ride! And when exactly do I get to go on that ride?
Yep, spring is in the air. Can you hear it?


jharmon said...

Shelli, I understand! for Andrew it is the cars! It is funny though as much as we are against it there is that part of us that really wants them to have it!

Kimi said...

Loved this post. Loved picturing you guys out on your first date. There is something about riding on a motorcycle that is totally accelerating, although I'm happy that Jeff hasn't shown any interest because your first thoughts would be my final ones. It is very sexy. I totally agree! Nice taste Trevor!!!!

Trev said...


That is one of the best written posts I have seen, and it describes all of it perfectly. I love you!

Trav & Camille said...

NICE motorcycle:) They are fun but so so dangerous and I totally know what you mean about that...go to my blog and click on Brock and Emily and you will see what happened to my brother when he was racing at the Trac...go check it out:) By the way no matter what I tell my hubby...he says there is no way he is selling his dirtbike:)

Anonymous said...

Great story, and love it that you like your husbands bike. Everyone should be so fortunate. :-)

Mara said...

That's such a great post, Shelli! I'm just wondering if it is odd that for my husband it is lawn mowers and stuff =} Something about the smell of fresh-cut grass. To each his own, I guess. Enjoy!

Krista Jensen said...

So, does that mean Trev will be cruising along ahead of the suburban when you come to Cody? You know this is a huge motorcycle mecca in the summer, don't you? Great post, Shell. Loved the details of the first date! I could totally picture it! Be safe out there!

M109Rider said...

Excellent post! It shows how much you understand your husband and how much you care for what he likes, and if you like it too then that can only make you both stronger.

Happy riding!

Jorge Buenfil (aka, Kevlar in www.m109riders.com).

Melanie Cain said...

Have you seen Chri's Bike? It goes like 50mph. Boys are so funny. Boys will be boys and always have to have their toys as well. They are dang cute on bikes though aren't they?

Sants said...

This is so funny - I have a post in drafts called "Spring is in the Air" and it is about our neighbors' Harleys. The birds chirp, the children play, the Harleys roar!

My mom was an ER nurse so we grew up calling them "donorcycles". Years later I found out that my mom rode one ALL THE TIME when she was pregnant with me.

That must explain why I love them, too. That is a sweet bike Trevor got. You are a good wife.

My brother has one and he says that he drives like everyone on the road is trying to kill him. Good advice.

Trev said...

Kevlar, thanks for the comment. And Tiff, thanks for the advice. I try to ride my motorbike like I do my bicycle. Careful of EVERY car and EVERY intersection. That's the only way to have it as safe as it can be!

Toni Cavallini said...

I wish spring was in the air here!! I live in harley country, and although I didn't like the noise at all hours of the night when I lived on a busy city street, I will take it if it means warmer temperatures!

And - memories of Trevor and that bike... coming to whisk my Shelli away from me... ok, so my memories aren't quite as fond, but Trev has certainly grown on me ;), who knows, maybe the bike will too!

Krista Jensen said...

Oooh, pretty background changes!

Anonymous said...

What a fantastic blog, trev your a lucky man. GIXSTR from m109riders.com