Good things.

What am I still doing up?
My eyes are drooping, but my head is full of good things.
And good things are usually worth sharing, right?
I really enjoyed hitting with Joanna today. Her smile and cheer are contagious.
My hottie works hard.
I took the girls in for fillings, and watched as he hustled from room to room brightly greeting each patient, and treating them all as if they were his only one.
I'm really tickled that I ' M H I S O N L Y O N E !
Watching him work made me want to rush home and make him a fabulous dinner,
and spoil him with attention & love.
Elece is so fun, I call her a firecracker. I can't wait to see if she goes through with our awesome tennis shirt plans...
I got to pet a 10-day old foal today. He was spunky & adorable...and all legs.
I awoke to melodic birdsong. I heard it outside my window.
Thank you birdies. I've missed you.
My friend Casey is a sweetheart. I'm so glad I met her.
She calls me Shell, and for some reason that means something to me.
I have a soft, warm bed with a sweet warm man in it just waiting for me.
I'm one happy girl.
Sleep sweet!


Trev said...

I am here waiting.....
Thanks for the nice words. I always love to read your words. They are so emotionally involved and bring a smile to my face and a warm feeling in my heart. Love you!!

Sants said...

What a sweet post!

Love your new blog look - so clean and fabulous and sassy and simple.

Hmmmm... sounds like it's perfect for you.

Elece said...

Oh, I am on it. I am hunting for the perfect shirt. I am still laughing at how silly we will be when we wear them. Love your post. Always do!

donna said...

OH what a sweet post. YOU and Trevor make such a cute couple. :)

RoxburghFour said...

Sooo cute! It's so good to see happy couples out there. I thought I was among the few who felt so lucky in love. It makes life wonderful. I love your eloquent way in expressing yourself. Beautiful words.

Karen said...

Hi Shelli. I don't know how I got so far behind on reading your posts. I love reading them. I dreamt about you last night. Probably because I've started watching Everybody Loves Raymond finally and I remembered it's your fav show. It's sooo funny! I dreamt about Toni too so I've felt nostalgic all day. Anyway, I miss you and think of you often and fondly.

...................................Kim.......................................... said...

Our lives are so full of good things, aren't they? Even when there are tough times its still so good. When my mom died I was so thankful I had Jeff to go home too, and it made me hold him tight a little more than usual.

I'm hosting Mel's open house shower at my place and you are on the list to invite! Hope you can come.

I saw one of your girls at the church the other day. Wednesday, probably activity days.

Tami said...

Very sweet post. Life is great isn't it? Thanks for sharing!