No ice cream for breakfast!!!

I interviewed Monkey D today. She is 5 years old. It was fun to hear her answers. I did not expect quite a few of these, and they made for a good laugh.

Me - What is something I always says to you?

M.D. - I can't have ice cream in the morning.
(This is true, and she asks me way too often at breakfast time!)

Me - What makes me happy?
M.D. - When I make valentines for you.

Me - What makes me sad?
M. D. - You are sad when I am sad.
(This is true also!)

Me - How do I make you laugh?
M. D. - ummm, can we skip this question? I can't think of it.

Me - What was I like as a child?
M.D. - I think you were sweet and liked to play.

Me - How old am I?
M.D. - 15.

Me - How tall am I?
M.D. - Um...15 inches.
(As she answered this she looked from my toes to my head, counting to herself)

Me - What is my favorite thing to do?
M.D. - You play tennis.

Me - What do I do when you're not around?
M.D. - Laundry and stuff.

Me - If I become famous, what will it be for?
M.D. - Playing tennis on t.v.

Me - What am I really good at?
M.D. - Helping me with stuff and picking out Halloween costumes.

Me - What am I not very good at?
M.D. - You are always good at things.
Me - Can you think of something I am NOT good at?...
M.D. - But you are good at everything!
(I could tell she did NOT want to answer this one. I think she did not want to hurt my feelings.)

Me - What do I do for a job?
M.D. - A mom and a tennis player.
(Hmm, about now I'm thinking I should lay off the tennis a bit).

Me - What is my favorite food?
M.D. - I think pepperoni pizza, is that right?
(Not even close, but cute.)

Me - What makes you proud of me?
M.D. - I'm so proud when you give me candy.
(Hmmm, I wasn't expecting this one.)

Me - . If I were a cartoon character, who would I be?
M.D.- Spongebob.

Me - What do you and I do together?
M.D. - Go shopping.
(GROCERY shopping.)

Me - How are you and I the same?
M.D. - We both have blue eyes.

Me - How are you and I different?
M.D. - I like orange and you like pink.

Me - How do you know I love you?
M.D. - Because you are so sweet to me.

Me - What do I like most about your daddy?
M.D. - When he helps you, and you are proud he is a dentist.

Me - Where is my favorite place to go?
M.D. - Um, Chinese food.
(Completely out of the blue - we RARELY go to Chinese.)


Leslie said...

Cute answers!! I'll post mine soon!

donna said...

Wow she is getting so big. I remember when you were pregnant with your sweet baby girl.

What a wonderful post! It is fun to read all the cute answers. You have one smart daughter.

Theresa Halverson said...

This is totally cute -- Spongebob, huh? I wonder why? Hmmmm...funny! Does that make Trevor Patrick? ha ha

Tami said...

That is so cute! Great idea to post her answers on your blog. What sweet answers! I love it that she wouldn't tell you anything that you weren't good at. I love your height and age. I would be proud of you if you gave me candy too!

Aunt Pat said...

Aren't their little brains so interesting?

Elece said...

I love this! I was just wondering though why can't there be ice cream for breakfast once in a while???????

Gramma Spice said...

When Gracie was here this morning with her cousins, Avery begged me to make some "nilla" pudding. After we all had a little bowl of it, I noticed Gracie's was untouched, but wasn't surprised, since she has never liked pudding. I said, didn't you like it, Gracie? She looked at me with those tender eyes, and said, "I'm just full". Knowingly, I reassured her that if she didn't like it, that was just fine with me and she wouldn't hurt my feelings. She just smiled. Love her!

jill said...

Shelli! This is such a good idea! Do you mind if I steal the idea? Gracie seems like such a sweetheart! I wish I knew your kids better. They all seem so great, they must be then! I can't believe you got another dog! What a cutie though. We want a dog so bad, but I refuse to change two sets of diapers plus shovel more poop from a dog.....ahhh, someday....

Sants said...

This is absolutely the most darling, cute thing ever. I am totally going to copy you.

Krista said...

Too cute... I'm scared of how my kids would answer some of those, ha ha.

Leslie said...

What a cutie, I always love her responses to "life" in general. I think she should at least get ice cream in the morning on her birthday....what do you say to that mom?

Rach said...

Gracie makes me laugh, she was so fun to teach.