Mary Poppins tells funny jokes?

Since interviewing my 5 year old was so much fun, I decided to see what was in the heads of my other monkeys. I enjoyed seeing them think about these things, and hearing what came out of their mouths...and just so you know, I am the worst joke teller EVER!!!

M.A. - Age 14 (almost)

M.B. - Age 12

M.C. - Age 9

Me - What is something I always say to you?

M.A. - I love you and thank you.
M.B. - I love you and look how tall you've grown!
M.C. - I am like an angel.

Me - What makes me happy?
M.A. - Getting new, nice stuff.
M.B. - Spending time with family, and cooking.
M.C. - When we all do stuff together as a family.

Me - What makes me sad?

M.A. - When I say something mean that hurts your feelings.
M.B. - Don't know. Are you ever sad?
M.C. - When you can't go play tennis? I can't think of it, or maybe you just aren't very sad.

Me - How do I make you laugh?
M.A. - By telling funny jokes and stuff.
M.B. - A lot of ways.
M. C. - When you say funny jokes and things.

Me - What was I like as a child?

M.A. - Tomboyish.
M.B. - Happy.
M.C. - You and daddy say that you were a lot like me.

Me - How old am I?

M.A. - 37.
M.B. - 36.
M.C. - 36.

Me - How tall am I?

M.A. - 5 feet 2 1/2 inches.
M.B. - 5 feet 3 inches.
M.C. - ummm, not as tall as M.A. I don't know. I will guess about 4 foot 3?

Me - What is my favorite thing to do?

M.A. - Play tennis.
M.B. - Play tennis.
M.C. - Play tennis.

Me - What do I do when you're not around?
M.A. - Um, I don't know... you clean the house? Or go shopping?
M.B. - You do all the things you don't have time to do when we are around, like play piano.
M.C. - Um...You clean up the house?

Me - If I become famous, what will it be for?

M.A. - A beauty queen or a famous tennis player.
M.B. - Tennis.
M.C. - Tennis or for being the best mom.

Me - What am I really good at?
M.A. - Cooking.
M.B. - Tennis. Me - Anything else? M.B. - Cleaning, decorating our house & designing.
M.C. - Tennis. Me - Besides tennis. M.C. - Helping all us kids out with everything.

Me - What am I not very good at?

M.A. - Hmm, drawing.
M.B. - Handyman stuff, like woodworking and fixing the cars.
M.C. - Oh gosh, um...that's a toughie...juggling?

Me - What do I do for a job?

M.A. - Be a mom.
M.B. - Watch over the kids and house.
M.C. - You don't have a job. I don't understand this question. You help our family?

Me - What is my favorite food?
M.A. - Oh gee, um... apple pie.
M.B. - Mexican food.
M.C. - strawberries.

Me - What makes you proud of me?

M.A. - You compliment me on my drawings and you're nice.
M.B. - Your love for us, and how you spoil us.
M.C. - When you play with me.

Me - . If I were a cartoon character, who would I be?
M.A. - Can this be manga related? Hmm...Princess Midna from Legend of Zelda. She's pretty.
M.B. - Mary Poppins?
M.C..- I can't think of a cartoon character, but you remind me of Debra on Everybody Loves Raymond.

Me - What do you and I do together?
M.A. - We play tennis together.
M.B. - We play tennis together, and we talk a lot.
M.C. - We plant stuff in the garden together.

Me - How are you and I the same?

M.A. - The way we sound on the phone.
M.B. - We both have guitars and like guitars.
M.C. - We both like to do sports and to play and to be active.

Me - How are you and I different?
M.A. - We both view clothes and styles differently.
M.B. - I like building stuff, not sure that you do.
M.C. - You are 36 and I'm almost 9.

Me - How do you know I love you?
M.A. - Because you tell me that you love me, and get me things that show me you love me.
M.B. - I just know. Me - More specific? M.B. - Nope, I just know.
M.C. - Because you tell me that you love me, and you always help me with everything I need.

Me - What do I like most about your daddy?

M.A. - You think he's sexy! (Can I say that?)
M.B. - He is funny.
M.C. - His good looks.

Me - Where is my favorite place to go?
M.A. - Hawaii or the Virgin Islands.
M.B. - The beach like Hawaii.

M.C. - You like to go play tennis, and you like to go out to eat.


donna said...

All your kids are so cute and getting big. Wow M.C. is 9. I was her sunbeam teacher when she was 3 years old.

Great post!.:)

Rach said...

haha! It's funny to hear the different answers with the different ages.

Steph said...

Nice. I had my kids answer these questions, too. I 'll have to get them posted. I think it's great that all of your kids have things in common with you that are so varied. You rock!

Leslie said...

How could I know you for so long and not you you play the guitar? How long have you played it?

Tami said...

Those answers were so cute! I love it that your kids don't think that you are ever sad that that you tell funny jokes. No wonder it is so nice to be around you. How cute that you could be famous for being a beauty queen or the best mom! I am sorry that you aren't a good juggler.

Melanie Cain said...

These little interviews are so funny!

Aunt Pat said...

I can just hear them say those things. Thanks for sharing.