Why is it so hard to come back to real life?
Scottsdale, Arizona was SO fun!
Here is a little rundown of our getaway!

Tennis every day.
Wait...that should be in CAPS!
We stayed at the Scottsdale Resort,
and the courts were ours for the taking.
Me likey.

He likey too.
(Hey we matched!)

Got to relax by the pool.
The weather was about 75 degrees, so it felt great.
Trev swam, I soaked up the warmth.

We hiked Camelback Mountain which was AWESOME.
Beautiful cactus everywhere!
I honestly did not know that Arizona had palm trees either.
Cactus with the palm trees is just kind of cool.
Here's a doozie cactus...check it out!
(Trev is at the bottom of it).

Yes, toward the top, it got a little "rugged".
Uphill rocks.
Seriously, I did.

Check out the view.
This is about halfway up I think.

Here's me at the top!
We hung out here for a little while before heading back down.
This was the one place I wish we'd had the kids with us,
they would have enjoyed this hike.

Cute little cactus...

King of the world...

Chipoltle...burritos as big as your head.
BUT kinda yummy.

We took a lovely walk around the resort one night.
And snapped a few of these.
He posed with me...yup he loves me.

We also shopped, ate, and explored.
We want to go back.
There was so much too see, but too little time to see it.
But the getaway was good.
The getaway is ALWAYS good.


'Becca Black said...

You are gorgeous, Shelli.

Krista said...

That looks fun! You guys are so cute. I just want to hang out with you all the time. Yay, getaways!

Jen said...

Looks like a super fun getaway. Christopher and I planned one for April and looking at your pictures makes me feel anxious. You guys are super cute...glad you had a good time!

Leslie said...

The first picture made me smile, at first it looked like you were chewing gum and had blown a big green bubble, then I realized it was the ball. Glad you had a great tim. You take great photos :-)

Mara said...

Loved the pictures--that looks sooo fun! So glad you had a fun getaway!

donna said...

All your pictures made me homesick for AZ. I am so excited to be going home in a few weeks.
Hey we will also be hiking Camelback Mountain. :)

Gramma Spice said...

Your pics are great..now Dad and I have to go to go there with our new RV! Had a great time with you yesterday, hon...those unplanned moments are the best!

Tami said...

Looks like so much fun! I loved the tennis pics. You are so ripped! Isn't it nice to have a fun hubby to party with?

Karen said...

Great pictures! It looks like you had a blast.

I miss you!!

Rach said...