We climbed Badger Mountain as a family for the first time this year.
I've posted before about this little hiking treasure...back in 2006.

The weather has been nice enough, and we all needed to get out as a family.So we did.
Yes, there were some initial teen groanings,
but by the time we got in the car, we were all in happy hiking sync.

There are many things I like about a family hike.
Conversation. It's quiet, and there are no distractions.
Your kids feel like talking.
And it can be fun to listen.

There was a funny moment when Trev had
just finished taking about 5 pictures in a row.

My oldest asked him why he was taking so many pictures.
We explained to the kids that if you take a lot of pictures,
the chances are better for you to get one really extraordinary one.

Then he joked, "Kind of like you kids.
We had to have four of you in hopes of getting one extraordinary one".
My oldest gave him the teen eye roll, my youngest giggled,
but without missing a beat, our middle daughter piped up,
"I'm pretty sure that's me."

If any of you know this middle daughter...
you might understand why Trev and I just laughed our heads off.
But of course, they all are extraordinary.

What else about a family hike?
Outside and exercise...two things you know I love.
You can see everyone forgetting all the distractions of life.
We are all focusing on our footsteps,
the view,
and the path ahead.

A good day.
I like good days.
Especially good family days.


Gramma Spice said...

Please, oh please take me with you the next time you hike there! Dad and I have never been there. What a choice day and family...laughed my head off at Sky's remark!

Floyd said...

When I lived in Richland I climbed up the north face of Badger Mountain almost every day. That is also where I proposed to Leora. Looks like someone has really made a trail up there. I just walked up the face and it was wonderful exercise. Had to watch for the rattlers though.

Krista said...

SO great! SO Skylar! SO wonderful! I can't wait until hiking weather here!

Jessica said...

Amen to the wonders of family hikes! I love your family! Living life is where it's at.

donna said...

Family time is wonderful. It is nice to get out of the house and just be with each other. : )
GREAT pictures.

Sants said...

I will tell you that there is FOR SURE not a hill or mountain that big in all of South Louisiana.

I am laughing so hard at the extraordinary comments! Too perfect!

All together a perfect day!