A gift.

I thought I would try and describe my feelings
about the activity I have chosen for my weekend.

But then I think of how silly I might sound when I try.

BUT, here goes.
When has silly ever stopped me.

I think we all have a few things in life that bring us pure joy.
At least I hope we all do.
They are probably different things for each of us.

I'm talking about the stuff that makes you EXCITED!
The stuff that makes your heart beat and you ITCH to get out there and do it!
Whatever your "it" may be.
Your soul is so anxious for it, that your body can't catch up...
The thought of it brings you instant warmth, comfort, peace and happiness.
Because it's a thing you LOVE.

And why do I love it so much?
Why does it make me feel all these things?
I really can't explain that, except that maybe it is a gift?
Are we all blessed with gifts that can make us feel this way if we take the time
to appreciate and accept these gifts?
Maybe these gifts are given to us for the soul purpose of giving us moments of joy?

I'm just trying to figure out why I'm so in love with this "it".
He he.
My weekend activity?


AND, it's not even the pretty type for this weekend.
It's the clearing away of all the old and getting ready for the new.

And I am bursting with the thought of it.
My cheeks are flushing, my pulse is racing.
I'm in love with plants.
I'm in love with dirt.
I am in love with digging.
I am in love with fresh air.
I am in love with green.

As I think these things, I DO feel silly.
BUT I embrace all of it.
Because I like gifts.
And I like being in love.


...................................Kim.......................................... said...

I love this. I know what you feel.
Last night. At Zumba. I got emotional. I love to love too.
This post is how I feel!!!!!! I could cut and paste into my blog.

Krista said...

Inspiring post! I love this and I love you, Shelli Sue! You go garden! I will be writing!!!

Anonymous said...

Is that a picture of what your yard looks like already? I'm so impressed, you must really love to garden if it looks that good already! :) My husband thinks I'm crazy because I love working in the yard. I envy you, Preslie has sort of put a damper on my gardening abilities the past few years. I tried to take her outside the other day and all she wanted to do was play in the road. We own over 2 acres and she wants to play in the road!!! So needless to say, I probably won't be getting much done in the yard once again this summer! I'll have to just come over and enjoy all your gardening masterpieces!

Leslie said...

You totally had me fooled. I thought you were going to say....TENNIS! I am going to have to come see your garden when it's in full bloom :-)I bet it's gorgeous!

donna said...

I am ready to work in our garden, as soon as my back yard is not a Construction Zone anymore! A few more months.

Shelli said...

Cherie, these picts are from my garden from last summer. Can't wait to see it again this year.

Tami said...

You are such a beautiful writer. I love gardening too but not quite as much as you do. I love it that I get to drive by your house all the time and enjoy some of the beauty that you create!

Gramma Spice said...

Dad doesn't quite get my utter glee at being out in the sun up to my elbows in dirt. I'll make him read your last post and maybe he'll see I'm not crazy. Of course, he'll just say, "She's your daughter!". Can you see my pride smile? I was going to tell you that you spelled "sole" as "soul", as in sole purpose. But when I re-read the sentence, I thought, well, "soul" makes perfect poetic sense! YOU are a gift.

Karen said...

I love you!