Got your back.

I'm excited to share a special day with you.
It's mostly through pictures, but I have a few thoughts I'm going to throw out there too.

I have good friends.
Many times I stand back and wonder how?
I know why I love them so much, but I'm not sure why they love me back?
Maybe it doesn't matter.
Maybe just the fact that they do, and that they accept me even knowing all my faults is enough.
What a gift to have others who will make you laugh till it hurts.
Or to cry with when it hurts even more.
What a blessing to know someone has got your back.
No matter what.
I am blessed.
This day was lovely.
Can I share a few of my favorite things? 

*Watching Valoree.  She was a shining star.  A smiling, glowing beautiful star.
*Helping Val get her dress on, and helping each other primp. What fun!
 *Spending time side by side with my dear girlfriends.  ALL DAY!
*The limo ride with everyone in a friendly excited mood.
*Braving the cold & wind to take professional photos at the park
*Trying to pretend we weren't windblown and chilled while getting ready for the ceremony.
*Calming Val's nerves as we waited together to walk the aisle.
*Elise's prayer with just the 4 of us holding hands and wishing Val peace & joy.
My heart was warmed.
*Walking up the aisle with Ryan.  We had fun, and he helped me not trip!
*Watching Val & Chris exchange vows.
*Elise's awesome toast to the happy couple.  I promise...you rocked it!
*And lastly...eating CAKE!!!

And thank you Val for asking me to be a bridesmaid.
It was an honor and a joy.

First shot of the day.
What joy filled that room as we readied ourselves and Valoree for her big day.
The limo ride on the way to the park for photographs.
Oh, and to know Janelle is to know she is a joyful cut-up.
Val and Chris looked like this ALL day!
Just as they should.  It was beautiful.

Here are some of the bridal party.
What a FUN, great group of people.
And sorry you weren't in many shots Imelda,
I'm not sure where you disappeared to!

Oh yeah.  They looked like THIS most of the day too.

Do you think Heavenly Father blesses your lives with certain people?
I do.
Here are a couple of cute blessings.

Trev and Skoogles congratulating the Mr. and Mrs.
Okay, you can't disagree... Val is GLOWING.
Brought a tear to my eye more than once.

Working the reception.
In all honesty, here is a picture of 3 starving bridesmaids waiting for CAKE!

Here we are again with our beloved Coach.
Can you tell we love Rob?
I think it's okay to say he is another blessing.
We are lucky not only to be taught by him, but to know him.

And it's true that even at a wedding, we might talk tennis.
And even act like we are playing it.
It's okay.  Val & Chris met on the tennis court...
they would approve.
I just have to say it.
This was a special day.  It was just. . . sweet.
A strong spirit of love and sweetness.

The girls were in awe of the bride.
Skoogs was already planning her wedding.
Right down to what cake she would serve.
Loved it.

 Rocking the dresses & shoes.
You don't have to be a twenty something to rock it.

 Can you say tired feet?

Winding down.

Just a sweet little dance.

And there they go.
Walking through the bubbles on their way out.

Congratulations Valoree and Chris.
Happy day.


Elece said...

That was awesome!!!! Why I love you so much my dear friend. You are simply
L...laughing with you
I...important to me.....

There are many more reasons but I can sum it up this way...there are a hand full of people you really connect with and know you can lean on if you need to, laugh with even when it doesn't make sense, not be afraid to just be you around them and you my Shelli are one of them for me. Thankyou!!!

Krista said...

What a beautiful day! What beautiful friendships! You are my GORGEOUS sister and one of MY biggest joyful blessings!

Shelli said...

Elece, you made me choke up. Thank you. Kris...thank you! We are lucky to be sisters AND friends!

Gramma Spice said...

After looking at the wedding photos and reading your beautiful words, and as I read the comments before adding mine, my already smiling heart spilled into happy tears as I gazed upon your faces here. How I miss having my darling girls under our roof! Sniff...but I am so proud of the amazing and GOOD women you are. I love you, Kris and Shell!

RoxburghFour said...

How fun. I love to check in and read about your adventures. You really are a talented writer. I love your cute family.