Last time I went to my stylist, she tried something new.
It's called 'Ombre.
You leave the roots, and handpaint the rest to keep it lighter.
Like Drew...
I do not look like Drew in any way, but it's always fun to try something different, right?
So as these roots of mine have grown out longer than I've seen them for a while,
I made a new discovery!
I have hit a milestone in my 38 years of life.

My ponytail makes it hard to see.
SO, I made it easier for you.

I plucked these babies right out the top of my old 'Ombre head.
They stood out, bright and shiny.
Silver hair.
NOT gray, folks...silver. 
Yes you are now folks, because silver haired people might just say folks.

I'm torn.
While it's a bit of a reality check, I find myself smiling.
My dad has the most beautiful silver white hair.
And so does his mother.

Do I get to have it too?

I must confess I have always hoped to.
Good thing it doesn't happen all at once.
What a shocker that would be.
But if a silvery white head is in my future...

Then bring on the purple shampoo...
because I will still be one happy girl.


Cassi said...

I'm so glad I'm not the only one - I started showing signs about 4 years ago, and now when I have a ponytail (which is more than I'd like to), all you see on the back of my neck is gray. But you're right - you will be gorgeous no matter what color your hair!b

Anonymous said...

that's it! Time to trade 'er in! LOL! Welcome to the world of gray hair baby! You look good in black, red, pretty much any color, even gray! Trev

Krista said...

Well, IT'S ABOUT TIME! Hee hee. I found my first 4 years ago. Hmmm... that would be when we moved, had 2 mortgages, Chelsea turned 13, and I was babysitting full-time.
But I'm sure it was just the age thing. HA. Can't wait for your silvery locks to take over!!

The Anglesey Family said...

I love that bag you have on your side bar!!! CUTE!!!
Love your attitude with the gray!!!!

Sants said...

Haha! I have "whites" which I am very happy about! My grandpa on one side and my grandma on the other had white hair, so I was hoping! Of course, my mom, who is 65 is only probably 20% gray, so I am not sure which I would prefer - 65 and barely gray or younger and white :).

I love the Ombre look. If I was ever a blond I would do that!

I think you are prettier than Drew also :)

Gramma Spice said...

I'm feeling pretty old right now...yes, I bet you will have Dad's silver hair...love it and would prefer that to salt and pepper locks. Still have little of the gray stuff..weird.