Two Peas.

I love October for many reasons.
One of my favorites is this tennis tournament.
"For the Love of The Girls"
Breast Cancer Benefit.
Elece and I try to play together in it every year and it is SO fun!
Here is our 2010 team.  Elece thought of a great name for us.
"Two Peas In A Pod".
This team name has more than one meaning.
Think Elece and I...Think of the cause of the tournament.  Maybe you'll get it.

We are always goofy before we play.  Good energy!

Trev came to watch a little.  Sporting Al's pink hat for the cause.

 Most people take a gel pack or something for energy.  Not "Two Peas In A Pod".

 We go for it with good old fashioned whipped cream.

 Bring it.

 Oh, and cupcakes.

 Tiny little clip of a tiny little point.

 Action shot.

And we won first place!
Way to go Peas!


donna said...

first place!! That is great. ; )

Gramma Spice said...

Wish I'd been there...so proud of you, hon!

Sants said...

Yay you guys! And I got the peas in the pod before you explained it. I think it's funny that they call the tournament "For The Love of The Girls" too. Super congrats on your first place finish!

Trev said...

two cantaloupes in a bag is more like it! LOL! good job ladies!

Leslie said...

Cute pictures and congrats on the first place win...although I'm not surprised. And I think I'm going to take up tennis just so I have a nutritional reason to eat cupcakes.

Jen said...

How fun! Way to go :)

Cassi said...

great job, shelli! and, what a great cause.

Elece said...

He, he, he!!!! That was so fun and a much needed break for me. You are the best. I love how much fun we have and that we can still be so competitive. Thankful for my peas!!!! Laughin. :)

Toni C. said...