I am a hamburger.

She is grilled chicken and I am a hamburger.
She is the perfect lemon bar and I am a killer brownie.
She is "Pride and Prejudice" and I am "X-Men".
She is a low laugh and I am a cackle.

We are both tea and toast for breakfast, NOT cereal.
We both avoid apple juice for fear of the same stomach ache.
Miles apart, we both choose the same fabric for our curtains and throw pillows.
We sound the same on the phone.
Family rules for both of us.
Rob Thomas rocks both our worlds.

We both have an incredible sister who is also a cherished friend.


Tbone said...

And they're both incredibly HOT chicks, If they'll both permit me to say so. Too bad one is moving so far away! :D

Krista said...

Now that I have stopped bawling I can comment. I love you Shelli, Blue-Eyed Tiger. Because I know you, I am changed for good.
Love, Kris