Ich liebe sommer.

"Deep summer is when laziness
finds respectability."
~Sam Keen

We just can't help it! We took another mini vacation. Sorry that is all my entries seem to be about these days, but alas...it IS summer!

This time we rented a cabin for a few nights near Leavenworth, Washington. It was nestled in the forest with a swift, shallow river right in our backyard.
It was fantastic. We had planned to spend a day visiting the small shop-lined Bavarian town, and maybe rent a raft to take a long float down the river.
Instead we were taken in by the beauty right in our backyard, and spent the whole time RELAXING.
We fished in the morning. The kids spent a few hours in the river, collecting big river rocks to make their own dam. We roasted hotdogs over the firepit for lunch, and spent some time in the hammock. We went inside for a few hours and read books and took naps. We eventually drove into the Bavarian town and got icecream and visited the toystore, but then came right back to the little cabin to enjoy more laziness outside. The stars were abundant and amazing. The kids enjoyed a bubbly dip in the hottub, and then we called it a night.
We couldn't believe we were only there a couple of days, it really seemed like we were there longer.
I love summer.


Jessica said...

That sounds like so much fun. I just love mini vacations. We have thought about going to Leavenworth but we weren't quite sure where to stay or what to do there. Where did you stay? or is it a secret? :-) Cute pictures.

Shelli said...

Hi Jessica!
Check out www.sunspots.us
We stayed in Duke's Place. Great little cabin that sleeps 8.