Where was Mr. Broccoli?

Maybe this is one of those things where "I guess you had to be there". I'll share anyway.
My sister and her family stayed with us the week of July 4th. She brought her A&E copy of Pride and Prejudice to share with me since I had never seen it before. While she was here, Monkey A and I watched the first half with her. We didn't get time to watch the rest, so she left it for MA and I to finish.

So the next day MA and I watched it together. When it was over, she turned to me and said, "That was such a good ending! I'm so glad that Lizzie and Mr. Darcy got together at the end."
"But Mom, why is it called "Pride and Produce"?

I am still laughing.

*Just a note - I did not make fun of my daughter, and we both laughed together when I explained her mistake to her. And I do not continue to bring it up to her either. It just pops into my head now and then, and I have to giggle. Out loud.

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