View from the top

Good news!
Trevor is back from his 2nd Mt. Rainier climb. Didn't I say there would have to be at least one more? Happily, they summited this time. He said it was the most physically challenging thing he has ever done. While doing the summit climb, they had steady, freezing winds that had gusts of over 60 mph. Yikes.
Yes, that is him brushing his teeth at the top. (Had to take that one for the office).
He returned home red-eyed and dead tired, but somehow in his zombie-like state we still drove out to see the new house progress (that update should be my next post), and as you can imagine he dropped as soon as he hit the bed.
I'm proud of him! Thanks for the picts Trev, as I will most likely never go up there to take them myself!


Toni Cavallini said...

Congratulations to Trever! What an acomplishment! I'm a little jealous... but I don't think I'm going to be climbing any mountains any time soon...

Carson said...

Hey Shelli, congrats to Trev. Found this recent post on the Spokesman site he may enjoy:

Shelli said...

Hey Carson,
Thanks for the site. That slideshow of the Rainier climb was amazing and gave me a better appreciation for what Trev did.