The Fishin' Hole

I was introduced to fishing by my husband, Trevor. When we were dating, I learned it was something he liked to do on occasion.
I remember the very first time he told me he loved me. We were pic-nicking on a blanket by the water, after having spent a lazy afternoon fishing. I don't think we caught anything, but I very much remember him turning to me and saying, "I think I love you".
And the week before we were married, he had a bachelor party. A fishing bachelor party. Yep, he and his buddies grabbed some poles and went fishin'.
Luckily, it is not one of those things that dominates his time, but I am glad that he knows how to fish and has taught the rest of us a thing or two about it. Monkey A has no problem baiting a hook, catching a fish, and taking it off the hook herself. (I still make Trevor take mine off for me.) I am glad that it is something all our kids enjoy.
We made a day out of it on Memorial Day. We just decided we would pic-nic by a small pond that is in my brother's neighborhood. It was very low-key, no one else was around, and we spent the day casting and reeling with some luck. MA caught a couple of tiny fish, and a nice sized bass. MC caught a little fish, and a huge carp that broke her hook at the last minute before getting it fully out of the water. Trev caught a large carp also. MD tried and tried, but luckily the fun was in the casting because she didn't catch anything. We learned that the fish in that pond really go for egg salad sandwiches and cooked shrimp. We shared our meal with them, and I guess in return they gave us a bit of fun for the day.
Fish on!


Matt, Nicki, Maizy and Hazel said...

That's one of the nicest fishing holes I've ever seen. I totally want to go! :) I love that Trevor still has to take the fish off for you. That totally cracked me up. Rachel sounds like my kind of girl!

Sants said...

What a fun day! I hate taking the fish off too.

I love that Trevor told you that he loved you while you were fishing with him. What a romantic story!

Karen said...

Whatever Shelli. You were introduced to fishing in Montana when we slapped horseflies off each other and Toni tried to tap the little fish to death with a pebble on its forehead.

It's not nearly as romantic as when Trevor took you apparently... but it was probably more fun.

Shelli said...

Ha ha! You are right Karen! A completely different kind of fishing but definitely an experience. A hilarious one. Karen baits the hook, Toni kills the fish, and Shelli screams!!!

jharmon said...

What fun! I love those quiet fishing holes. Hope you are having a great beginning to your summer.

Gramma Spice said...

I want to go fishing before I croak! Never have! Trevor and Shelli, PLEASE let me come with you sometime..please, oh please...before you have to wheel me around. :)