thirty-something stuffs face

(my blanket flowers)

This weekend we celebrated my birthday!
I had tournament weekend again for tennis, and was quite happy that I won both my matches. Our team will not be going on to the finals, but I was just happy that I played the way I wanted to. And how cool was it that our friends, Jordan & Liz, showed up to watch me play one match, and our brand new neighbors, Justin & Joanna came to watch me play another one!
We went to a really nice restaurant for dinner with our good friends, Casey and Justin, and thoroughly enjoyed the food and the company. Casey & I got the sole and Justin and Trev got the chicken with dumplings. We all agreed the chicken and dumplings was a huge hit, and we all would order that meal again. Their meatballs with verde sauce was so good too!
(trev's b-day surprise dinner)

Sunday was amazing. Trev surprised me with an even more amazing meal for my birthday. I came home to find the table set, and on the smoker grill was a most delicious array of food!!! There were chicken legs, lobster claws, butterfly prawns, scallops with mushrooms and baked potatoes on the smoker. In the oven was my favorite vegetable dish that my mom usually makes - made from scratch by the man himself. All of us stuffed ourselves, and everything
was cooked to perfection. I was amazed. Thank you Trev, it was truly wonderful. You could tell from the nap I promptly took after filling myself.

Trev also surprised me with a birdbath for our garden. We have been working hard to make some new islands in our yard, and as you can see they are still in progress, but I am excited to plant around the birdbath now. I posted a picture of my shade garden too, since it is filling in so nicely this year. Too bad the dogwood had stopped blooming last week, because the color was so beautiful with the rest of the plants.
All my sibs called me, and it turned out to be a wonderful, relaxing day.
Oh, and the roses are starting to bloom!
I couldn't ask for more!


Matt, Nicki, Maizy and Hazel said...

Happy Birthday Shelli! I know I'm late and believe it or not I've remembered your birthday ever since we were kids. I just need to do better and letting you know that. lol. Well I'm still drooling looking at all that food, I totally want some. You got yourself a good man there! Your yard looks great too! I'm glad you had a great day, you deserve it!

Krista Jensen said...

Wow, Trevor needs to talk to Brandon! It looks like it turned out great, Trev! The gardens are gorgeous. What are the tiny blue flowers hovering in clouds? I have never looked at blanket flowers that close...they are beautiful! Keep up the good work!

Shelli said...

The blue flowers are Siberian Bugloss, or Brunnera. I love it, it blooms early and stays blooming for about 2 months.

Sants said...

Happy Birthday to you!! What a great day! You totally deserve that! You have a wonderful family! I LOVE your gardens! They are so beautiful. You have a great eye for that kind of stuff!

What is your favorite vegetable dish? Is it a recipe that you can share?

Sants said...

Curses! I also meant to say that I love your new family picture! That is a fun angle!

Kimi said...

Happy Late Birthday!! I think your birthday went better than Mother's day! I was going to comment but I was wallowing that day too. I got some great advice from my friend, a couple of years back. She told me not expect much on Mother's day, that way your not disappointed. Great advice!! I think the appreciation will come once their grown. It may have to wait until they actually have their own children so they can really get it though. Anyway, I've enjoyed your last several posts, just haven't commented. Love the new family picture too.

Malerie said...

Happy Birthday! Sounds like it was a blast!

Mara said...

Happy late birthday! I forget that we almost share the same birthday, too along with our daughters!