Ahhh, youth!

As I awoke Easter morning, I stretched my neck backwards and at the wrong angle I guess. I felt a snap, and then the pain shot from my neck to my arm. What the heck? All the sudden I couldn't move my head, and the pain continued to shoot up and down my neck. What did I do?
I was able to get up, move around, get ready for my day, but I had to turn my whole body to see things, instead of my neck and head.

This kind of thing never happened to me until this year. This is the 2nd time. Luckily I have a sweet brother who lives close to me, who also happens to be a chiropractor. SO, after church I stopped by and told him what had happened.

He did his magic, and though it still hurt and was stiff the rest of the day, I woke up this morning feeling MUCH better, and able to move it quite a bit more. As he was adjusting my neck, I said something about stuff like this happening as my body gets older. He kindly told me that he's had this kind of thing happen with his neck since he was a teenager. One wrong stretch, and your neck or back is out for awhile.

That may be so for him, but for me, I just KNOW it's because I'm not getting any younger. I'm 33. Not old, but old enough for the 15 year old kids I teach on Sundays to notice the age gap between us. I still think I'm their age until they say something like, "wow, you look good for your age!" Ha ha. I just laugh to myself, knowing that someday SOON they will be in my place, and they will be thinking the same thing I am. How did I get here? Wasn't it only a few years ago that I was where they are now?

The good thing is, I'm still the same person inside. As we get older, I think most of us realize that, and we hope that others realize that about us too. Especially as our bodies fail us in some ways, or just aren't what we hope for them to be.
I am enjoying the ride. I am enjoying getting older because I get to learn more and more. I get to enjoy life without having to prove anything to anyone. I am enjoying all the things I CAN do with this healthy, able body. And, I am blessed to have children who are enjoying their youth right now. It is wonderful to be surrounded by that energy.

As I was walking with my 6 year old daughter the other day, I was watching her bounce along. I said, "Monkey C, What does it feel like to have such a perfect, little body?"
"Well, mom, I could just run and run all day. I have so much energy in this body!"
Ahhh, youth.

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