Just plants, right?

We just sold our home, and have moved into a rental home for the next 6 months. We are building a new house, and they are just pouring the concrete this week. We are on our way!
Meanwhile, I have been a bit down about the move. I will miss our house, but actually, I will miss my plants even more.

It is spring. So, the final moving day, I took the time to walk the perimeter of the house and say a mental goodbye to each plant. Sounds corny to become attached to my plants. But I think it is a little like having children. You put in a lot of time and effort and enjoy the great rewards.
I had picked out all these plants, worked hard to put them in the ground, nurtured and cheered them on, and felt great joy when they showed their potential.
So, I said goodbye to the weeping cherry with it's popcorn blossoms, the gorgeous curly willow just starting to leaf out in it's bright green splendor, the healthy mounds of catmint, salvia, and lavender, the pointy green tops of the pink and orange lillies that Trevor got me for mother's day last year, the full rose bushes (especially my favorite pinky/red-flowered one that smelled heavenly and produced such perfectly shaped roses in generous amounts), and many, many more.
I will have to make a few drive-bys in the next few months to see them in their splendor, but I can see them all bright and colorful in my mind.

So, while feeling a bit sad and out of place recently, the thought occured to me that I HAD to go get some flowers. I needed them! So today I got out my pots and potting soil. I went to the store and picked out the brightest, cheeriest pinky/red geraniums I could find. I also got some blue violas and some coleus, and am ready to fill my pots. I am excited to have these bright spots of color greet me every day I come up the walk.
Doing this has already helped me. I already feel better. I feel like...well...I am home.


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Peggy Stratton said...

Now that you will be so close to us, you can come over and plant and nurture my yard anytime. Saw your foundation the other day. It is wonderful out in the neighborhood - you will love it, I am sure.


toeknee said...

hey there chickie!

love the blog site. i too am a blogger (not faithfully). i'm not ready to share mine yet... maybe i'll be brave someday.

i can't wait to hear more about you!

on another note - hi mom! (see above)

antjackie said...

Shelli, Barb and I took some plants with us to the new home, they sit in their pots and now that we know we will not be in this new home very long I feel I have orphaned plants! Some we will plant but others I hope we can keep potted and take with us once again to where ever we land, hopefully even to Tri-Cities if they can live in their pots that long. I know what you mean though, the plants and the yard is what I will miss the most. Haven't given the house as much thought as I have the hydrangas and lavendar plants I'd pick and dry each year. But I look forward to getting to choose new plants for a new future abode for them and my family. I know you will make whatever home you're in a garden of memories.