The science project that almost wasn't...

Well, it happened. Another first in the life of parenting. The dreaded words I knew would come some day..."Mom! I have a science project due tomorrow!!!" Not dreaded because of the subject matter, dreaded because we had no prior notice. This was said to me by my 11 year old daughter at 8:15 last night. Bedtime is 8:30.
Following the stern lecture regarding responsibility and school work, and many tears shed by Monkey A, my daughter was faced with 2 different reactions from her mom and dad. Dad's was one of justice, mine was one of mercy. While Trevor informed her she would have to go to class and announce to all that she hadn't done her assignment, I was frantically trying to come up with quick project ideas in my mind.

By 10:30, she had project and informative packet ready for presentation the next day. No, we did not do it for her, we came up with ideas, she picked one, and Trev helped her with the materials. She worked the experiment and finished the packet. Luckily our girl loves science, and had no trouble understanding and writing about what she was doing.

I knew as soon as his anger over her lack of responsibility faded, Trevor would want to help her as much as I did. I was right. We all worked together and got through it. She knows what she did was wrong, and is willing to participate in the punishment we laid out for her.
Before bed she hugged us both with obvious, genuine gratitude, and I couldn't help but feel we did the right thing.

It made me think of how grateful I am for mercy. That when I do something wrong, there is One who loves me enough to give me chance after chance, and help me along until I get it right.

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Karen Amsden said...

What a great writer! Your story about the flowers was beautiful. Mr. Sandmeier would be so proud. ("You got a better comment!") I really chuckled at the science project story because the same thing happened to me on Sunday. Jared said that his big State Report was due on Monday morning. You're a better mom than I am because I just sat down and wrote it for him. I'm a WAY better writer than he is. Ha Ha.