Ain't Nothin' Like!

Every single day I drive my kids to school.
Every single day they want this song in the CD player, and we turn it up and they sing it with gusto. Even Monkey D shouts out the chorus each time, "Aint nuffin wike!"

You may not be a country music fan. Or maybe you are, but aren't a fan of Brad Paisley. That's okay. Just thought I'd share a morning in the life of the Larson family with you.

If you can picture a carload of enthusiastic munchkins smiling and dancing to this tune, maybe it will give you an idea of how it makes me feel. I look forward to it each day!

Want to hear a bit of the song and get a taste of our morning commune?
(click on song title to hear)

Ain't Nothin' Like

I like kickin' back on the sofa
Flippin' through the channels just to see what's on
I enjoy eatin' eggs over easy
Soppin' up with a biscuit 'til the yellow's gone

Ain't nothin' like watchin' a bunch of young'ns
Run screamin' through the sprinkler in their little bare feet
And ain't nothin' like finding twenty dollars
In the pocket of the britches that you wore last week

I get into getting out on my mower
In the early mornin' hours 'fore the sun gets hot
And I like goin' down to the Kroger
When the carnival comes to the parkin' lot

2nd Chorus
Ain't nothin' like throwing a hula popper
Draggin' it across a spot a big 'un oughta be
And ain't nothin' like having him for supper
With some good hush puppies and some sweet iced tea

This old world is full of simple pleasures
They're all good but some are better

3rd Chorus
Ain't nothin' like finding that woman
That you know you're gonna love for the rest of your life
And ain't nothin' like knowing the Lord's a comin'
Back one day to make you want to do right

Repeat 1st chorus
Repeat 2nd chorus


Jessica said...

I love that your family sings in the car. We do to. It seems our family is safe, happy, and cozy and the world can't touch us. Right now, our family favorite is "Concerning Charlie Horse" by Great Big Sea, Owen asks for "Long Black Train" by Josh Turner, and we also sing a lot of James Blunt. I love to hear their cute little voices.

Shelli said...

I had to listen to Great Big Sea since I had never heard of them before. After hearing some samples on their site, I am positive my kids would love it. Where did you hear of them?

Anonymous said...

I love that song! Me and my mom were just singing it this morning haha!

Anonymous said...

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