Sib Family Photos

Had to post these pictures!
All us siblings and our families got together at mom & dad's house for a BBQ last weekend.
As you can see we had too much fun posing for pictures.
One of the best things in life - getting together with my family!
Happiness is being surrounded by these fantastic people. Mom & Dad, sister Kristi, and little brothers Mike & Craig. You guys are the best!


R.A. said...

I am in shock over your brothers! They grew up so big and strong. I guess that's what twenty years will do, right? What did your parents feed those boys?

Toni Cavallini said...

I love the pics Shelli! I miss family bbq's at your mom & dad's too. Hi family!!!

Shelli said...

You are welcome to one any time! I guess we just need to time one when you are in town!
Congrats again chickypoo!

Nicki Pettijohn said...

Hey Shelli...I saw the link that you left on my webpage, and gave 'er a little click to find myself staring at pictures of your cute family. Seriously...you look fabulous! I am totally motivated to do better at exercising now because I want to be a hot mom like you. lol. It was great to see pics of the fam and to read the updates. Let's do better at keeping in touch. Miss ya!