Indy and my kids

This was great!
My kids, Monkey A (11) and Monkey B (9), decided to watch Indiana Jones - Raiders of the Lost Ark yesterday. We have an old VHS of it, and they picked it up as if finding a lost treasure themselves. "Can we watch this movie? What is this one about?" YIKES! My kids didn't have a clue about Indiana Jones!
I warned them it had some scary parts, but assured them they would like it.

The great part was, I could hear the movie playing upstairs, and the kids commenting on what was going on. Then it got to the part where the big guy shows up with his big old sword and starts swooshing it around all fancy and scary-like.
Indy pulls out his gun, kind of rolls his eyes and shoots the guy. I listen for their reaction. ..belly laughs, "HA! That was awesome! Did you see that! That was great! Rewind that! " I think they rewound it 3 times.

I guess that is what makes a movie a classic, right? I remember seeing that scene for the first time (how many years ago?) and getting the biggest kick out of it. I remember my dad laughing, maybe even with those "Anglesey laughter tears" some of us have inherited.

Anyway, it was a small but great moment.

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