Am I still jogging?

Yup! I'm happy to say that I am, although it is not every day. I follow a fitness calender I make, and try to do some form of cardio and some other form of exercise every day. I end up jogging about 3 times a week, and do some other cardio on the other days. It is getting easier, I went 25 minutes yesterday.

Some friends of ours run for 3, yes 3...THREE hours straight at a time. Can you say ouch? I would. Makes my 25 minutes seem like diddly-poo, but oh well, I'm still proud of myself.
And no, I do NOT have a goal to run 3 hours at a time.


Toni Cavallini said...

You are braver than I am. Running is just not my thing. Hey - they're opening a bikram yoga studio in Kennewick in September! I'll take you there next time I visit and you will be hooked!

Shelli said...

what is bikram?
I do like yoga. I used to do it almost every day, but I kind of like to mix it up with other stuff now.

when is your next visit?

Toni Cavallini said...

bikram is "hot" yoga. 90 minutes in 105°! It sounds miserable, but the heat is actually very soothing, and you can go deeper into the poses. I also like it because it is the same poses, in the same progression, no matter where you take a class.

I should be coming home for Jacks graduation on June 3. Can you believe it?!? In fact, I think he's having a party on June 2 - you will be invited of course!

Toni Cavallini said...

one more thing about bikram - it's a cardio work out also. Some places say that you burn around 800 calories in 90 minutes! it's an amazing work out.