Mom's Day

A picture of my kids in Hawaii (the 3 that are not wearing coconuts or leaves). Our 2 year old, Monkey D, stayed home with family. (see picture of her in my "Popcorn & Pilates" post).

Since Sunday was Mother's Day, I was just thinking of my 4 wonderful kids. I know I am stating the obvious when I say they are the reason I celebrate Mother's Day. I of course celebrate my own mother and my mother-in-law, 2 wonderful women beyond compare.

I felt a little shift in my attitude this Mother's Day though. I think in the past, It's been about ME. I'm a mom! I deserve flowers and chocolate!

This year, I know more what it is really about.
It's about those kids! I celebrate them, and I am blessed to be their mom. How blessed I am to be surrounded by them! They are not the lucky ones, I AM THE LUCKY ONE! What a gift for me. And same with my mom. She isn't special just because I am her daughter! Can anyone say ego? I celebrate her because I get to have her in my life!
Are you scratching your head at my profound insights yet?
Just thought I'd share.


Tbone said...

Don't let her fool you. She is a fantastic mother, and her kids are a testament to that. By looking at them, she is seeing a partial reflection of herself. I am very happy that she likes that reflection. She should. She has done and continues to do a lot for her family. Shelli is a supermom! Pretty hot, too!

Shelli said...

I'm blushing!

Jessica said...

I love your attitude Shelli. I totally agree and feel exactly the same way about being a mom. It rules!