The missing egg

Monkey C found it!

It was 45 days ago that we hid the eggs for our outside Easter egg hunt. When the kids finished up, we realized we were one short. Where was that last egg? We all searched high and low for it, and came up with NOTHING!

I assumed as we mowed, weeded and played outside we would come across it eventually, but we never did.

Yesterday, M.C. came rushing in the house with a pale, dirty egg in her hand. She was giggling with delight at her find! She found the last Easter egg!
It was half burried in sand and a tuft of grass underneath the jungle gym play thingie.


Toni Cavallini said...

HaHa! I'm surprised you didn't smell the egg before that. 45 days in the heat over there and that thing must have been beyond hard boiled!

Will I see you this Friday?

Anonymous said...

Haha! I found 3 plastic eggs full of jelly beans a few weeks ago, on different days, hidden in couch cushions. I kept thinking, "Thank goodness it wasn't a real one!" Then a few days later I was sorting through the little white bookshelf by the front door and sure enough, in the basket, was a real egg. It was so pretty, but it went directly out to the big garbage can. We always forget to count them!

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